More Microscopic Images of Blood Post-Covid Vaccination

These are screenshots of microscopic blood smears comparing normal red blood cells to post Covid vaccine cells.

normal cells on left, post Moderna vaccine on right

The left image is normal blood cells taken from someone who has not received a Covid-19 vaccine. The right image was taken from someone after they received the Moderna vaccine. There are misformed cells with smaller nuclei and gold-ish rods which could be graphene oxide.

White particles in blood post Covid vaccine

This shows white dots that light up. They could be quantum dots or an effect from Luciferase. Maybe this is how they will be able to know who’s received the vaccines.

Very irregular blood cells post Covid vaccine, clumping together
Very irregular jagged and clumped together red blood cells

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Injection Side Effects

Many continue to downplay side effects, so I thought I’d compile a list of some as reported on Reddit. Consider that in most cases these are far more severe than typical cold symptoms. People are being pressured by peers, family members and acquaintances to get them. Reject the pressure. This is a cult mentality likely brought about by the forced use of masks for the past year and a half. It actually can change people, making them lose their identity.

People are actually apologizing for discussing their extreme side effects. This is not normal! They are so afraid of getting attacked by the other cult members. Imagine how much rage they must feel toward those of us who refuse the injections! Please, people. It is not worth the risk. Reject these experimental poisons. This is not your average vaccine. The leaders pushing them are EVIL. Do not consent! I will continue to add to this list.

  • I get a bit desperate, my symptoms don’t go away, I have an imperative need to sleep all day, but I am not refreshed after it. I get depressed, loss of concentration, heavy eyes, I just want to lay here and sleep or cry. Has anyone else got these symptoms?
  • I got my second shot of Pfizer 4 weeks ago and still experience daily fatigue and brain fog. Has anyone had prolonged fatigue? I am starting worry that this will never go away. I improved a bit after the first week, but not since then.
  • I have been fighting severe neuroinflammation much of my life. I finally had it a tiny bit under control, and after the vaccine I am inflamed, my skin blew up, depression is strong, anxiety is stronger than it has ever been- I’m damn near suicidal. What should I do? I keep trying to access a doctor who will actually help me. I think I could need steroids? An immunosuppressive? Who do I go to, an immunologist? I’m not really sure, it’s hard for me to access care, and it’s hard to think straight. Thanks for any advice.

Oh also, my other side effects were immediate onset searing chest pain on the far-left side (injection side), and there is broken/inflamed/peeling/itchy skin under the left armpit that will not subside.

*PS I don’t want to discourage anyone from getting the jab. My case seems rare. Though if you have severe neuroinflammation, please make a plan with a doctor beforehand.

  • On the second day after I got my second Pfizer dose I started experiencing concerning pain that I could immediately recognize as having to do with the heart: chest pain, left side neck pain, shoulder, arm. I visited the ER and was immediately admitted due to having a troponin level of “26”(unsure of the units). I did a CT, EKG, Ultrasound, X-Ray, and many blood tests. In the end I think the diagnosis was “acute perimyocarditis” from what I remember when I took a glimpse at the report, although the doctors were tossing around words like “Myocarditis”, “Pericarditis”, and “Endocarditis”. I was released from the hospital two days later when my troponin levels settled down to a normal range.

Now the doctors are worried about abnormal liver results with elevated enzyme levels, more news on that to come soon as I had my blood taken today for another 14 or so tests.

By no means am I trying to discourage anyone from getting the vaccine, I still stand strong in my decision and encourage people to get vaccinated as it helps keep everyone safe. As for me personally, I’m probably going to hold off on getting the booster shot 6 months from now unless further research is conducted as to why this has happened to me and everyone else who had to go through this.

PS. I am a healthy 17 year old with no history of heart disease.

  • I just got my second shot of pfizer and I have headaches, fever, chills, and aches which are all pretty bearable with sleep, but feeling irritable was unexpected and is probably the most frustrating symptom since there isn’t much I can do about it. Everything under the sun feels very annoying right now.
  • I received my first dose of Pfizer exactly one week ago. The 2 days following I had a sore arm, fatigue, and felt nauseous, which I expected. Over the week though I’ve been getting some random sharp chest pains. They don’t seem to last long though. I do however have a weird feeling in my chest that is more constant, like a tightness, or something heavy is sitting on my chest. I haven’t really noticed any shortness of breath. When I go on a walk I’m totally fine. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • I’m a little nervous here. I got my first dose of pfizer 25 days ago and a few nights ago I noticed tiny blood spots (petechiae) scattered on my arms and upper chest. I’m a 28 yo female and I’ve never had this before nor do I have any history of blood disorders.

They’re very small but more are showing up slowly. I’m booked for a blood test early next week to check my platelets but I’m wondering if anyone else has had this experience and what their test results were and if their side effects went away.

Edit: I went to the ER last night and turns out my platelet count is fine! The nurses and doctor were unconcerned and almost dismissive haha. I’ll still be getting my previously scheduled blood work just to double check.

I’ve also developed other symptoms like soreness in my arm socket as though I’ve worked out really hard, which I haven’t. So so so weird.

  • Hi, I’m reaching out to the community to find out if others have noticed an increase in GERD like symptoms (acid reflux, heartburn, irritated throat etc) after getting their vaccine? I work in a LTC home with over 100 staff with over 90% have been vaccinated with Pfizer. As a few months have passed, more and more staff have talked about an increase in GERD symptoms. I started tracking numbers, 14 people have mentioned this side effect as well as heightened anxiety.
  • So I got the first shot of moderna and I got very sick. Fever chills, fatigue for 2 days. Worse than I expected since it was just my first shot but i got better and went on with life. A week later my son bumped my nose so lightly and it bled..and bled for literally 30 minutes. I have never had that happen to me before but it eventually stopped and didn’t think too much of it. Well now (tmi) I got my first period in months and I was absolutely soaking through everything. I went through 12 tampons in a single day I was considering calling a doctor because I couldn’t function like a normal human. Then it hit me, it was the shot. This plus the nose bleed which are so abnormal for me must be from the shot. Now I’m nervous to get the second dose. Has anyone had any similar issues. I feel like maybe im being paranoid
  • I’m a female in my late 20s and I’ve had pretty bad reactions to both moderna doses. It’s been 2 days since the second dose. My fever has broken but my lower spine (SI joint area?) is killing me. I’m also very emotionally sensitive and I’ve been crying at the drop of a hat.
  • I’m post second shot by 16 days and I still feel horrible. Body aches, coughing and runny nose. 40f and Pfizer.
  • Since getting the 2nd Pfizer Vaccine, I have become extremely intolerant to motion. I cannot move without feeling sick and it’s getting worse. It’s been 7 weeks, and the last few days have been exceptionally horrible. One wrong move and I begin to gag/heave. Cannot even lay down without feeling nauseated. I am going to get an MRA tomorrow and am hoping that it IS AN ANEURYSM at this point just so I know what’s causing this. Clean MRI, clean blood work, wtf? Is there anyone else on Earth going through this? What type of disease may cause this? Vestibular neuritis sounds closest to my symptoms, but my dizziness and nausea are only getting worse whereas that is supposed to improve with time. I know I’ve posted about this several times but I can’t help myself because it won’t stop.

-Moderna, in early may first dose -6 hours or less post, I had a stiff right side of face. -for two days had miserable but expected flu-like symptoms -3-4 d post felt better, just tired. Face still tense.

-day 4-5 started getting migranes. Had these every day for the rest of the week

-day 6 started noticing chest pain, particularly in the right side of my center chest. Off and on.

-the headaches got better but the chest pain off and on, right side of my body feeling weird and almost “swollen” and facial tension remained + right eye somewhat distorted vision until…

-day 13 I noticed pain in my leg in addition to the above symptoms and went to ER to make sure it wasn’t a clot. They ran an EKG and blood tests everything came back normal.

-day 14 feeling better until the evening when my blood circulation feels totally off on my whole right side of my body. My right side feels slightly numb and feels swollen or something. Back of my neck is tender and hurts to the touch. On right side. In my left eye I am seeing blue circles from time to time. I can’t even sleep because my circulation is feeling so bad. It feels like when you have uour legs crossed too long or something and the circulation gets messed up. I don’t know what to do because if I go to the ER they’re just probably going to say the same thing. Someone please give me insight if possible. No doctors know what’s going on.

  • I received my second dose of pfizer last week on thursday and this morning waking up i felt this pain on my right side of my chest that hurts when i take a deep breath, i feel the pain even in my arm. i just took my temperature and it’s 99.3 could this be a reaction to the vaccine ? but a whole week later?
  • In the mornings my appetite is OK, I can eat breakfast fine. But as the day goes I don’t want food and by the end of the day I’m so nauseous I cannot even look at food. ALL THE SUDDEN I get so tired at the end of the day, like I just ran a marathon (even though I sat all day watching youtube) The nausea pill doesn’t help with sleepiness either.

It sucks because I’m usually a very foodie person, I snacked like every 1.5 hours.

BTW I get very irritable by the evening idk why. (Day 6 after Pfizer)

  • Anyone else experiencing pressure in head after getting vaccinated? Not necessarily painful but very annoying. Head just feels heavy
  • I got my second dose yesterday and I was fine except for a small twinge in my back. Today it feels like someone shoved a knife through my back and left it there. My nerves as a whole are also being weird. I feel like if someone brushes against me, I might combust- my skin is that sensitive.
  • I first want to start off saying that I don’t regret getting the shot.

I am only listing symptoms that I have experienced relating to second shot Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to gain information.

2 days after vaccine – Had pain under my armpit which must be my lymph nodes and some heart palpitations that came and went.

4 days after vaccine- I felt the constant need to go pee and later burning felt in my bladder and some pain where my left kidney is at. Went to Urgent care and got antibiotics. No urine culture done but urinalysis shows some leukocytes but negative everything else.

The days after that I finished my antibiotic but was sill experiencing pain in upper and lower abdomen which continued to get worse so I went to ER thinking i had a blockage or something else serious. They did some blood work and a CT scan but couldn’t find anything wrong. Went home but I am still in pain days later. Never had a UTI or any GI issues before. Some foods cause me more pain than others. (I ate one slice of pizza and had horrible burning in upper abdomen, thought was going to die). I have tired every OTC drug with no much help. So now I am on a liquid diet a first and then low fiber diet to help my body heal this inflammation but I don’t how long that is sustainable.

Setting up a appointment to see a Gastroenterologist but its still 2 weeks out.

  • So I got the vaccine Thursday and I will detail my experience. I’m 27 and a cancer survivor. I got Pfizer after feeling pressured and figured it was the safest due to them being so close to full approval. Only my first shot

Day 1: 1 hour after shot feel light headed, dizzy, blurry vision – followed by brutal headache and chills before bed. Waited to take Tylenol so I could figure out how my body was handling it but fell asleep felt lightly better

Day 2-3: light headache, face numbness, extreme brain fog, light pressure headache which was persistent and fatigue.

Day 4-5: woke up last night with fever and chills was blazing hot, fatigue feels less manageable needing to take naps, can’t focus

Biggest worry some symptoms: – face numbness – muscle spasms – body aches – face tingle? – pressure at the top of my head – fatigue – major brain fog

Can’t seem to shake these and I’m having major regret even though my anxiety for getting covid has diminished.

Was wondering if anyone else has felt anything similar. If so what helped?

  • It’s been 1.5 months since my wife got her J&J vaccine. However, she’s still had tingling and prickling hands and feet almost every night. Sometimes it happens during the day as well. At this point, I don’t know what to do and don’t know what doctor I should take her to. There is no lump on her hands or feet.

Does anybody still have this side effect this long after the vaccine?

  • Still having consistent chest heaviness 2 weeks out from 2nd dose of Pfizer vaccine. Hospital work ups (multiple times) have revealed nothing but I couldn’t get a cardiologist appointment until next week.

My anxiety is through the roof about having a heart attack (anxiety has been worse lately too). Has anyone else had this?

  • Going to urgent care today for persistent chest pain/tightness/heaviness after 2nd Pfizer dose. Even light activity makes it feel like my heart is beating extremely ‘heavy’/out of my chest, and irregularly? Finally seeking answers; it has been 1 week of constant pain. I’ve also dealt with joint pain and back pain after my 2nd vaccine shot. No issues after the 1st dose.
  • Got my second shot yesterday at 9:15am. Everything was ok until 5am this morning. I can’t stop vomiting. I’m afraid to drink anything because I’m so tired and drained and really just want to sleep.

Edit: I finally stopped throwing up but I do have a fever and my heart is racing. I’m honestly just glad I’m not sick anymore. I did call the advice nurse to ask if it was from the vaccine and he said it sounded more like a stomach bug. My daughter was sick Monday and I might have caught what she had.

Has anyone else had a bad smell, not just the rancid smell that people speak of (or even that) after their vaccine? I was fully vaccinated as of two weeks ago and I noticed sometime after the first dose, but much more after the second that there is this horrible smell that I cannot stop smelling. It gets much worse at night. I had Covid near Christmas and actually had a heightened sense of smell rather than a loss of smell or taste.

  • I got vaccinated in March and since then I experienced a lot of anxiety. I am not having personal problems at the moment nor I am an anxious person. I also lead a very healthy lifestyle too. But I feel short of breath all the time, I don’t have the energy I use to have, and I have what I call “a bubble” on my chest most of the time. At first I thought it was anxiety but I never had this sensation before so I’m not sure.
  • I’d kinda expected to just breeze through it because I’m a very healthy person, but man was I wrong. I feel alright now, but last night was very hard.

I felt fine for a few hours, but then my arm started getting sore. Then everything on my body got sore. I was in total agony and shaking uncontrollably. This pain was on par with the worst migraines I’ve ever had. I seriously got worried for a little while that something was going wrong and I might not make it. I’d never really been in pain like that before. It brought me to tears.

My skin was on fire, my arm felt like it was going to explode, and I couldn’t think straight or anything. I was so tired, but I couldn’t sleep with the pain. Even peeing hurt like crazy! I never imagined it could be that painful.

I’m about 70% better now, but that was really really hard. I do worry if there will be any long term effects from that, because it felt like my body was shredding itself.. (M, 27)

  • Has anybody been getting extremely vivid dreams/nightmares after their vaccine too??
  • I got my first dose 3 days ago of the Pfizer vaccine, and the second day I started to feel some symptoms: fatigue, headache, body aches, and eventually some pretty severe muscle pain. The pain started in my lower back and eventually it had felt like I threw out my back (I’m only 20, I’ve thrown it out before but this felt more spasm-y) I felt the pain in my spine and I could not move for about 2 hours or walk without pain shooting down my legs. I had done nothing the previous or that present day in terms of labor, I was just relaxing during the weekend. Now on the third day, I do feel the pain subsiding and getting significantly better. Has this happened to anyone else?! Or was this just me? Let me know!
  • Initially when I got the vaccine I was tired for a day after getting it and my chest sort of hurt but overall I was fine. However, the following days I had unexplained anger and anxiety that didn’t go away for at least a week and a half and that was accompanied by twitching in bed at night that made it extremely uncomfortable to go to sleep. Later the twitching would manifest itself into full body convulsions that haven’t gone away since. I am on Tenex, Geodone, and Sertraline and I have been experiencing withdraw from getting off of Lamotrigine this past October. I’ve consulted with my primary care physician and all she said to do was wait and see if the symptoms subsided. She really didn’t know what to make of it and said I could get an MRI if things don’t get better but that’s all she knew. I’m wondering if there’s any educated people in this subreddit that would know of any bodily mechanisms that could initiate such reactions because it seems like the doctor’s don’t know what to make of it?

Fatigue that gets way worse when doing any kind of physical activity (right now even 20 minutes at work makes me so tired I have to rest, I’m calling in sick tomorrow because of it)

  • Chest pain, discomfort, tightness & shortness of breath (again, worsens with any kind of physical activity that’s more strenous than just walking around.)

Brain fog (I just wrote brain dog so I guess that’s self explained LOL.) Short term memory loss, confusion, finding it harder to do certain mental tasks.

– General aches and pains and an overall feeling of heaviness, it’s getting harder to get around especially after doing something even slightly physical.

– Bad sleep: insomnia, when I do sleep I need a good 12-14 hours to feel rested, and I have a lot of nightmares, all my dreams are super vivid too.

– Worsened tinnitus, it’s harder to drown out the sound. I get a deep rumbling in my right ear, had it for years.

– Not sure if this is covid related or my cyclothemia but struggling with constant irritability, as well as a lot of emotional rollercoasters on a day to day.

– Overall lack of motivation due to recurring physical symptoms.

– Smell problems, keep smelling a rancid smell and also overly aware of my own smell, even after showering I feel like I need to shower again, even though no one else can smell anything.

– Some dizziness when standing up

– Changes to hunger, some days I’m not hungry at all, other days I’m hangry and crave specific things strongly like chocolate, salt etc (female, age 20)

  • Before the cases of blood clots becoming mainstream, his sister-in-law’s friend, 32m, passed within 24 hours of the shot due to cardiac arrest, healthy otherwise. The cause was determined not vaccine, however the family is trying to investigate. To be fair, it could have been anything.
  • I had covid in December and completely lost taste and smell for a month and a half then it slowly came over the next 3 months. now that I’ve had both Moderna vaccines some foods I used to like taste and smell bad. a lot if my thing seem to have a similar smell, which also smells like my pee and poop which also smells different and not like it normally does. Cow manure, sewage treatment plant, it smells like I just passed gas. it has the same smell even though I know they should be different. my wife made garlic chicken and it stunk up the house. she says it’s delicious and used to be my favorite but now I have to cover it with honey mustard or some kind of sauce ro get it down. otherwise it taste horrible. even fresh picked strawberries tasted bad a couple of days ago. I thought it could have been the famotadine I’ve been taking along with ceterizine to help with brain fog that may have changed my gut bacteria but sounds like this is a vaccine related issue. I hope we recover from this new symptom.
  • I also posted this on the parosmia sub-reddit. People are telling me parosmia has been developing in people who recovered from COVID anywhere between 3-4 months after. So maybe for us our vaccines just happened to coincide with that timeframe. Similar to you, when I pass gas or have a bowel movement I smell the same repulsive smell that certain foods taste/smell like. It’s very hard to describe. Luckily my boyfriend didn’t buy onions or garlic this last grocery trip 😉
  • So, this has me a little worried. I got my first dose of Pfizer in late april and had no side effects at all. fast forward to my second dose that i got about a week and half ago, i also didn’t notice any sort of symptoms after receiving it. a couple of days ago i noticed my sense of taste and smell were sort of weak compared to how it usually is. I woke up today to eat breakfast and now my sense of taste and smell are both completely gone.
  • That said, I’ve noticed that since I got the shots, I’ve maybe had a slight uptick in hypoglycemic “episodes.” I’m a normal weight, not diabetic/pre-diabetic (get regular bloodwork). I’m not formally diagnosed as hypoglycemic. Pre-vaccination, very occasionally if I waited too long to eat I’d get a little shaky. POST vaccination I’ve noticed that it seems to be happening more often and with more severity-from shaking only I could notice (pre vax) to shaking other people can notice (post vax).
  • Immediately after the vaccine all I had was a mild headache. I wasn’t worried. In fact I was hopeful the vaccine would help my existing symptoms.

That night I was woken from dead sleep with a racing, strong heart beat. I took some of my Ativan for emergencies and went back to sleep.

The next day was one of the worst days of my life. I was feeling ok, standing in the kitchen cooking and all of a sudden BAM. My heart starts pounding fast. I had to sit down. I was shaking so bad. Thankfully my husband was already on his way home from work so I waited for him.

He immediately thought it was a panic attack when he got home (I’ve had panic attacks before and can recognize my physiological manifestations of a panic attack .. this was NOT that). I remember getting frustrated with him because it felt like he wasn’t taking my symptoms seriously. I was scared.

Then all of a sudden… I lost control of my mind. I truly don’t know how to explain this. I remember my husband asking me to respond if I could hear him and I could not respond. I couldn’t form sentences or speak. My face and body started violently twitching and shaking. I remember my husband laying me down on the ground and telling me to breath. I remember trying to sputter out the words ‘i can’t control it’. Then, I lost function of my breathing and heart rate. I swear to you… they just stopped. I remember feeling VERY relaxed all of a sudden .. in a scary way… Like a ‘why am I not breathing’ kind of way. I started seeing white. Then I remember gasping for air and I managed to glimpse at my pulse ox on my finger. My heart rate had gone down to 60 (no this isn’t a bad rate, but considering I was just at 130 a moment prior, it was scary).

My husband called 911 because it became clear then that something was seriously wrong with my involuntary body functions. The paramedics came quickly, took my vitals. Of course I was fine according to a little drop of blood. But I remember twitching and violently shaking on the ground in front of about 5 grown men, and NONE OF THEM could explain what was going on. They all said they had no idea and hadn’t seen anything like it. They wanted to transport me to a hospital but I denied because I figured they wouldn’t be able to help either. I remember the demeanor in the room.. they felt sad they couldn’t help me. I could feel it in their presence.

They left and shortly after the shaking and twitching finally stopped. I realized I had to pee so I asked my husband to help me get to the bathroom. On my way there… again I truly don’t know how to explain this but my body just ‘forgot’ how to walk for a moment. I was walking and then BAM. My legs felt glued to the ground. I remember thinking ‘take another step you dumb bitch what’s wrong with you’ but my legs just would NOT move. Thankfully this only lasted a few moments.

It’s been a few months and I still suffer from some heart problems. Mainly tachycardia and palpitations upon exertion. I also have debilitating insomnia from the heart stuff waking me up in my sleep. I have since been diagnosed with Dysautonomia. It’s unclear whether or not the vaccine itself caused this, or the dystautonomia was already present.

  • Following up on my post here. I am 30sF, have been experiencing continuous bleeding since first vaccine dose of Pfizer. I have made a VAERS report. I have never had COVID; I had to test twice weekly (PCR) for work throughout the entire pandemic. I also have been tested for antibodies prior to vaccination, negative result.

I did another round of bloodwork, and was additionally checked for some rarer cancers, Hashimotos, and von Wilenbrans. I detailed all of the other tests that I had to check for alternative causes in the past post, several of them (the pelvic, transvaginal ultrasound, and blood panel) were also repeated. Vitamin levels also normal (I live in a very northern climate so I have been supplementing with Vitamin D for most of my life). I am currently receiving iron supplements for anemia brought on by this extended menstrual bleeding, and will also be starting a GrNH agonist tomorrow to try and get it to stop. I will also be starting vaginal progesterone supplements in an attempt to re-regulate my menstrual cycle (a process more similar to IVF).

My doctors have agreed that the most likely explanation for the cause of this continuous bleeding was the first Pfizer dose, and have recommended that I not receive the second.

  • The jab itself didn’t go smoothly (fainted in the 15 min waiting area) so not a great start.

About a day – two days after the jab I began getting pain in my jaw and back teeth on the same side as the jab. Decided to take regular doses of paracetamol until it passed. Had a couple of sleepless nights before deciding I couldnt bear it any longer. Began to notice a slight swelling in my cheek and sore gums.

I went to the dentist who informed me that my teeth looked fine. She did an xray just to be sure but couldnt see any problems. I figured maybe it was just the general aches and pains from the jab and it would pass.

Over night my cheek swelled up more, tonsils looked inflamed and my gum swelled up and over my back tooth.

Unfortunately I must have bitten it in my sleep and it got infected. I called a dr who put me on a heavy course of antibiotics.

The swelling in my cheek went down and is no longer sore. I woke up this morning however to find the other side on my jaw is aching plus the teeth and gums!

Ive just gotten back from the drs who seems surprised the dentist said there was nothing wrong. He insisted it was a dental issue entirely, perhaps gum disease and gave me another course of antibiotics.

I don’t remember the last time I had a dental issue, I always thought I have good dental hygiene and take care of my teeth. I feel like I’m going crazy here. Ive booked in a dentist appointment for a weeks time and will try and get them to do a full deep clean.

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