How To Keep Your Business Open

Liberal governors are attempting to impose increasingly stricter illegal rules since the election. They are BLUFFING as they have no authority to do so. Curfews, mask fines, indoor dining closures, gym closures, no alcohol sales in two states! NONE of this is legal. Our only hope is defiance. It is NOT compliance. If you think they are going to back off, you are mistaken. They want masks to be permanent. They speak of red/yellow/green but never mention removal of phases, do they?

When you take the time to learn your rights, you will have the knowledge to keep your business open, and you won’t have to force masks, use plexiglass, reduce capacity, close indoor dining or any of the so called mandates. It is not all that complicated. Peggy Hall has been researching the laws and our rights that have been infringed on since this all began. She offers a webinar for businesses or people who just want to understand our rights and how to fight back. I took the last one and it was very informative. I’ve shared many of the things I learned on this blog.

The webinar is $29 and you will learn step by step how to stay open, how to respond when a code enforcer arrives at your business and even how to handle an administrative hearing if they unlawfully attempt to take your business license from you. You have nothing to lose by defying the illegal orders. If you try to abide by them, you in all likelihood will lose your business. That is the intent, in case you haven’t noticed.

Here is the link. Please fight for your business, fight for your freedom.


Letter to Police, Businesses to Ignore Mask “mandate” in North Carolina

Comrade Commissar Cooper is encouraging police to fine businesses and patrons for not wearing masks. He has ZERO authority to “mandate” anything. If there is no law on the books, there is no violation code so there can be no legitimate fine. Send this to your local police departments and mayors, town councils.


I demand that you follow the United States constitution, North Carolina constitution, and civil liberty laws by refusing to  enforce any of the mandates, but especially the masks.  It discriminates against people unable to wear them due to medical reasons, emotional reasons, such as anxiety and religious objections. Aside from exceptions, the constitution protects our right to breathe and to move freely in public. I have put together a document outlining all laws that apply and would appreciate it if you would follow the laws on the books and not Cooper’s made-up Covid rules. That is the oath that all officers take. There is NO law on the books for violating a mask policy. No regulation — no violation. The constitution is not suspended even during times of emergency, and by the way, we are not in a state of emergency and the statute is being exploited by Cooper.

This is going to crush small businesses and there is no evidence that masks reduce viral spread. There is plenty of evidence that they’re harmful to human health. I’ve attached a peer reviewed study describing the evidence of harm. I suggest you read it and share it with your staff. There’s a reason we’ve never done this before. We need to take our health into our own hands since the government continues to ignore studies that prove masks are not only ineffective but harmful.

And a final point, it is illegal for staff at businesses to pose as law enforcement officers by attempting to enforce the law (although there is no law on the books forcing people to wear a mask). It is also illegal for them to practice medicine without a license. A mask is a medical device and as such informed consent is required, as well as a medical examination to ensure the person is healthy enough to use the device. Only a doctor can legally prescribe this, certainly not a store clerk and certainly not a governor. I am urging you to do the right thing. Do not attempt to enforce this. Let ______ remain a free town and trust that individuals will behave responsibly.

Notice to police departments

Mask Studies

Notice to Businesses

How To Handle Officials Trespassing In Your Business

If police or health officers show up at your business to attempt to enforce illegal mandates, ask to see a warrant. Ask what the violation is because there are no laws for any of the executive order rules. You have the right to ask them to leave because they are trespassing. It is a good idea to place a sign on the door.


And remember – No regulation, no violation. Watch this short video clip They handled it perfectly!


They Could Have Done This With Any Cold

Bretigne Shaffer interview with Kevin McKernan

Kevin McKernan developed the SOLiD sequencer and worked on the Human Genome Project at MIT/WIBR

Important discussion of cycle threshold limits of SarsCov2 PCR tests. Running a test past the recommended cycle number produces a high number of false positive results. Cycle threshold should not be over 30, yet most test labs in the US and around the world set it to 37-40 and even as high as 45. At that point, the RNA is amplified so much that even an inactive, old viral fragment can yield a positive result—causing many people to quarantine unnecessarily.

In any given year, we could have done similar mass testing for any common cold and ended up with similar results. There is no need to lock everyone in their homes. This is destroying our society.

The best option is to stop mass testing. Do not submit to a test unless you are showing symptoms and your doctor recommends a test. Understand the ramifications of a positive test. You will need to quarantine and submit names of all close contacts who will also be forced to quarantine. It is unnecessary. Treat any illness — as we always have. If you become worse, seek medical attention. Most likely it will be no different than any past cold or flu.

Kevin McKernan twitter:
Bretigne Shaffer website:

Reminder: Governors Can Not Create Laws

Governors, heath directors, and mayors often use the word “mandate” “mandatory” “orders” and “required”, but they are actually BLUFFING. They have no legal authority for any of this. The United States functions on the rule of law. No regulation . . . no violation. The same goes for license commissions, such as ABC who try to shut down bars for not social distancing and requiring masks. Go to the administrative hearing and challenge them. There is no code violation for not following illegal rules.

OPEN your business, OPEN schools. Don’t require masks. In fact, it’s safer to forbid masks because they are disgusting bacteria traps. If we don’t stand up against this now, all small businesses will be closed for good. We will have nothing but government stores like Walmart. Fight for your freedom.

On Whose Authority, With What Laws?

Crow777 Radio interview with Peggy Hall of The Healthy American.

Tyranny is growing in this country and it can end immediately if people stand up and defy it. We have a constitution, we have state constitutions and we have civil rights laws that prohibit the mitigation measures being imposed on us. This includes mask requirements, contact tracing, physical distancing, signs, plexiglass, closures and lockdowns. Governors and health directors are unlawfully using terms such as “mandatory” and “required” to deceive citizens, businesses, schools, agencies, and even police departments into believing that executive orders are laws. If there is no law, there is no violation – even during an emergency.

The worst thing is they are attempting to task business owners and employees with enforcing unlawful orders. They have no authority even if the orders were legal! They aren’t police officers. They aren’t doctors authorized to take everyone’s temperature, to force employees or customers to take a Covid test or to wear a mask — with no informed consent. They would be practicing medicine without a license, which is illegal. And it violates privacy laws.

Any given year we could have been testing ANY virus or cold going around and had similar numbers, cases, hospitalizations and deaths.


1. There is no emergency by the legal definition of the word, so all these orders are null and void.

2. The violations that are often cited can only apply to the governor’s authority, not to the business or customer.

3. There is no lawful ordinance regarding masks, distancing, limiting number of patrons, operating outside, etc. These are GUIDELINES, not laws and therefore not enforceable by law.

4. Even if these state, county orders and city ordinances were lawful, there are exemptions, and you cannot force anyone to restrict their breathing.

5. It is unlawful for any government to deprive you of your ability to work or run a business or earn a living. Thus, you never have to shut down your business or change its operations.

6. You do not have to adhere to any nonsense of masks, distancing, operate
outdoors, limit capacity, etc.

7. If you did enforce this nonsense, then you WOULD be at risk of violating over 20 federal and state laws (see attached).

8. If you did require your employees to wear masks, you’d be violating the OSHA general rule. (see attached OSHA info)

9. You are not a licensed doctor and cannot give medical advice, such as
covering your nose and mouth with a medical device.

10. You are not law enforcement and have no authority to enforce laws.

11. Any business policy (i.e., to require masks) cannot supersede federal and
state civil rights laws, which allows patrons to enter your business without a mask.

12. The snitches can be dealt with by reporting them (and the county or city that encourages the snitching) to the county Sheriff, the FBI and Homeland Security or harassment and intimidation. PUT A SIGN ON YOUR DOOR SAYING THAT “ANYONE CAUGHT HARASSING THE BUSINESS WILL BE REPORTED TO LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT, THE FBI AND HOMELAND SECURITY.”

13. Put a sign on the door or visible in the entry that states, “THIS
[You can point to the sign when any code enforcers come snooping around.]

14. Check your insurance to see if you are liable for people contracting a virus in your facility. If you are not — then good news! “No liability, no responsibility!

15. Have three or four boxes or containers of different masks with labels that say,”This masks does not protect against infectious disease,” and if code enforcement comes around (or if you go to court) you can ask them which box of the ineffective masks you’re supposed to enforce.

16. You can write a “presumptive letter” to the county counsel, board of
supervisors, health officer, mayor and city council.

17. You can educate law enforcement by sharing the info regarding laws they WOULD be asking you to violate by enforcing the unlawful.

Executive Orders Are Not Laws

Businesses need to understand that the constitution is not suspended during a health emergency. This opinion article in the Washington Times explains it perfectly.

If government holds the authority to declare national emergencies, and then government holds the authority to order citizens at will, using these declared national emergencies as justification for the orders, think where that leaves the Constitution.

In a dust pile of tyranny.

In times of national crises, it’s incumbent on the citizens to ensure their civil rights are upheld. Because simply put: Government is not going to do it. Remember: Executive orders are not laws.

Many businesses are following the unlawful executive orders out of fear of losing their business licenses. Please understand that all of the mandates are unconstitutional. A federal judge in Pennsylvania correctly ruled that closures and mandates are unconstitutional. We need to fight this tyranny and inform as many people as possible that the government is being unlawful by placing constraints on businesses. You do not have to reduce capacity, space your tables apart, install plexiglass or place stickers and arrows on your floor. You do not have to require your employees or customers to wear masks. These are guidelines, not laws.

I recently discovered that NCDHHS has used unlawful language in their guideline bulletins by stating that the rules were required. This is not true. I sent this letter to their complaint division. I hope others will do the same. We need to fight the tyranny. Our constitution protects us.


Complaint Intake Unit
2711 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-2711

I am filing a complaint regarding the wording on your Covid business guidelines. Your documents state that the listed guidelines for social distancing, masks, table spacing and more are required. Your agency has no authority to require businesses to do anything that conflicts with the United States and North Carolina constitutions. As stated by federal Judge William Stickman in his recent ruling in Pennsylvania:

“The governor’s efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus “were undertaken with the good intention of addressing a public health emergency,” Stickman wrote. “But even in an emergency, the authority of government is not unfettered.”

It is reasonable for your agency to offer CDC guidelines to businesses, but it is unacceptable to place these unlawful constraints on businesses regarding occupancy levels, spacing, cleaning methods and face coverings. Period. This is not subject to any judicial ruling. I am demanding that you follow the law.

The remedy is to immediately update all documents on your website to specify that these are guidelines, not requirements and to discuss the change at the earliest press conference so businesses can be informed.

I have included an example of the “requirements” outlined in the guidance letter for businesses. This must be corrected immediately so that businesses are not duped into believing you have the authority to dictate how their business must be run. You are breaking the law.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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