More Microscopic Images of Blood Post-Covid Vaccination

These are screenshots of microscopic blood smears comparing normal red blood cells to post Covid vaccine cells.

normal cells on left, post Moderna vaccine on right

The left image is normal blood cells taken from someone who has not received a Covid-19 vaccine. The right image was taken from someone after they received the Moderna vaccine. There are misformed cells with smaller nuclei and gold-ish rods which could be graphene oxide.

White particles in blood post Covid vaccine

This shows white dots that light up. They could be quantum dots or an effect from Luciferase. Maybe this is how they will be able to know who’s received the vaccines.

Very irregular blood cells post Covid vaccine, clumping together
Very irregular jagged and clumped together red blood cells

Video from Stew Peters TV

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Vetted Images of Red Blood Cells Before and After mRNA Injections

EDIT: Here are more blood cells before and after a Moderna shot.

Under anonymity, a clinic examined blood cells of a patient before and after receiving the injections. You can see the progression of the cells as the appear normal in the initial image. Nine days later they are observed to be jagged in appearance, irregular, and beginning to coagulate. A week after that, there is very increased coagulation.

Note: Ignore the dates on the images. They do not correlate to the dates of the microscopic examinations of the cells, which were captured in November and early December.

Initial Microscopic View of Red Blood Cells
9 Days after mRNA injection
16 days after mRNA injection

After posting this information, I researched possible reasons for the jagged appearance of blood cells. I came across articles that describe them as schisocytes, known as fragmented blood cells. They can be the result of the cells moving through obstructions in small blood vessels. I believe it’s plausible that since the spike proteins sit on the outer portion of the cell – to include vessel walls – that the arrival of antibodies and macrophages could obstruct the normal blood flow and create damage to the blood cells. This could also result in the clotting that we’re seeing. Here are additional details about schisocytes.

German Microbiologist Describes How Injections Affect The Immune System

Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi describes in an understandable way how the packets from the injections respond in the bloodstream. The cells are programmed to produce spike proteins that the immune system will attack. The problem is the proteins attach to the cells which line the bloodstream throughout the body, so when the body fights them as foreign matter, blood clots will form. If you’ve already received the va#, the best thing you can do is refuse to take any of the boosters they will push in the fall. If you haven’t gotten them, DON’T!

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