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  • The latest Danish Study revealed that masks do not work to slow the spread of a virus. The study was actually completed months ago, but no one was willing to publish it because it wasn’t consistent with the CDC, WHO and various public health officials who have been pushing them and shaming people for months. MASKS DON’T WORK, but even if they did, it is illegal to force anyone to wear one in any public accommodation (which includes most public establishments)
  • Three part mask study demonstrating serious health risks




  • Excellent thread about why we need to stop wearing masks:

  • CDC Director Redfield is one man deciding the mask policy for the entire country. Redfield was investigated by the Army years ago for publishing fraudulent AIDS data. And this is who we want to trust with our health, our children’s health?

– November 22, 2020

The phrase “fog of war” is attributed to Carl von Clausewitz. It has come to refer to the confusion and uncertainty felt by everyone in the midst of conflict. It is often unclear who is making decisions and why, and what the relationships are between the strategies and the goals. Even the rationale can become elusive as frustration and disorientation displace clarity and rationality.

In 2020, we’ve experienced the fog of disease mitigation. Continue reading . . .


– February 11, 2021

The question on whether to wear a face mask or not during the Covid-19 pandemic remains emotional and contentious. Why? This question about the utility of face coverings (which has taken on a talisman-like life) is now overwrought with steep politicization regardless of political affiliation (e.g. republican or liberal/democrat).

Importantly, the evidence just is and was not there to support mask use for asymptomatic people to stop viral spread during a pandemic. While the evidence may seem conflicted, the evidence (including the peer-reviewed evidence) actually does not support its use and leans heavily toward masks having no significant impact in stopping spread of the Covid virus. Continue reading . . .



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