The Manufactured Pandemic

This Twitter thread describes how they pulled this off.

Note: There is no novel virus, no legitimate test, no death counts higher than prior years. The entire thing was manufactured to justify the injections. The injections are not vaccines (which contain a dead or live virus injected to initiate an antibody response). They contain aborted fetal cells, graphene hydrogel, nanobots (tiny robots), and messenger RNA. Many people have died from them, many are disabled. The goal is to create a transhumans.

1. “Virology claims to isolate viruses in the laboratory & from claimed isolated particles, claims to find the genetic material to determine their structure. In no publication claiming an isolation of a virus is there a description of an actual structure that has been isolated.”

2. “On the contrary, experimentally produced death of tissues in the laboratory is misinterpreted as the effect of viruses because it is assumed that the tissues would die because supposedly infected body fluids are added.”

3. “In reality, the tissues die because they are no longer nourished and are killed by toxic antibiotics. Never, except for the measles virus trial, have the tissue control experiments been carried out that disprove the virus assumption, because the tissues…” ..

4. ..”always die from starvation and poisoning without the need to add additional supposedly infected material.
On the basis of a single publication from 1954 [
propagation-in-tissue-cultures-of-cytopathogenic-agents-from-patients-with-measles.pdf], ..” ..

5. ..”the decayed tissue is assumed to transform into viruses when it dies. In this publication, it is emphasised several times that the assumption of tissue death due to a virus and the assumed transformation of the tissues into viruses is only speculation ..” ..

6. ..”that would have to be proven or disproven in the future. It was only through the subsequent Nobel Prize for the first author, John Franklin Enders, for an earlier speculation within the old, protein-toxin virology, ..” ..

7. ..”that this tissue-to-virus conversion speculation became a supposed scientific fact and the sole basis of the new, genetic virology.”…

8. “The model for the new virology was and is from the bacteriologist John Franklin Enders – the discovery of tiny structures called phages that are only visible using the electron microscope, into which highly inbred, i.e. incestuous, bacteria transform ..” ..

9. “when their metabolism breaks down. This transformation is not an act of destruction, but a metamorphosis, similar to when bacteria gradually lose their conditions for living and form their permanent forms, the spores. These are also tiny, much smaller than bacteria.”

10. “Spores can change back into bacteria when the living conditions are optimised again. Phages, on the other hand, offer their nucleic acid to other organisms, which they thus help to live and do NOT kill or harm.”

11. “Phages are nevertheless regarded as the viruses of bacteria, although phages are never able to damage or kill naturally occurring bacteria or freshly isolated bacteria. It is very likely that bacteria will develop again from phages if the environment for this is provided.”

12. “I have isolated and studied a phage-like structure from the sea, one that algae produce especially when their living conditions are no longer optimal. Phages formed during the transformation of a specific, highly inbred, i.e. an incestuous bacterial species, ..” ..

13. ..”always have the same structure, the same size, the same composition and always an equally long and equally assembled nucleic acid. The nucleic acid, which always has the same length and composition, became the model for the new virus idea, the gene-virus theory, ..” ..

14. ..”according to which a virus is a piece of enveloped or naked genetic material of a certain length and composition.
Phages are isolated quite easily from which their nucleic acid is extracted, which always has the same composition.”

15. “In the case of “genetic viruses” this is never the case: no nucleic acid is ever taken from the few structures that can be visualised under the electron microscope and are passed off as viruses. The nucleic acid is explicitly always extracted from the fluids ..” ..

16. ..”in which the dying tissues were located. Crucially, a whole nucleic acid is never found that has the length and composition of those schematic drawings and descriptions of nucleic acids that virologists pass off as the genetic strand or genome of their respective viruses.”

17. “Any interested layman will find in any claim of existence or isolation of disease-causing viruses that a long nucleic acid is theoretically constructed from very short pieces of nucleic acid released when tissues die, which is then passed off as viral nucleic acid..” ..

18. ..”in complete deception of both the scientist and everyone else. This laborious composition of the assumed viral nucleic acid, which can only be accomplished with fast computers and was much more cumbersome and done by hand at the beginning of gene virology, ..” ..

19. ..”is called alignment. Every layman recognises from the word alignment that a long, supposedly viral nucleic acid was only ever constructed theoretically. Never does the claim appear that from a (viral) structure or even from an “infected” liquid, ..” ..

20. ..”an even remotely complete nucleic acid has been found, the determination of whose molecular sequence would correspond to the whole, only theoretically constructed nucleic acid.”…

21. “Here the effective coercive logic to which virologists have been subject since 1954 becomes clear, when the assumption was made that tissues could also transform into viruses when they die, as very specific incestuously created bacteria do when they transform into phages,”..

22. ..”those helpful structures that are misinterpreted as viruses of bacteria. Since short pieces of nucleic acids, from which the postulated disease-causing viruses, the viral hereditary strands are only mentally constructed, are found in every living being, all humans ..” ..

23. ..”and animals can test “positive”, depending on the quantity & collection location of the sample to be tested. The more that is tested, the more positive results are produced, although such a test result does not & cannot have any significance for either health or disease.”

24. “In the case of Corona, it is particularly easy to see how virologists deceived themselves and others, which in this case escalated into global hysteria and the Corona crisis through the actions of the German virologist Prof. Christian Drosten.”

25. “In an attempt to get a grip on the panic of a new outbreak of SARS triggered by a hysterical ophthalmologist, the virologists of the Chinese government theoretically constructed a nucleic acid strand in the record time of one week by means of computer programmes, ..” ..

26. ..”which they said was almost identical to harmless and difficult-to-transmit bat viruses. They used only nucleic acids contained in the fluid of a bronchial wash obtained from a person with died with pneumonia.”

27. “In doing so, they did not use “cell cultures” in the laboratory to supposedly infect them in order to harvest the presumed virus from them as is common practice, nor did they claim to have obtained this nucleic acid from an isolated structure.”…

28. “It is likely that the following is why the Chinese virologists theoretically constructed the nucleic acid of a “harmless” virus: in order to get a grip on the wave of fear triggered by the ophthalmologist..” ..

29. ..”of a believed new outbreak of the dangerous corona virus SARS epidemic which might have resulted in the immediate overload of hospitals. Prof. Drosten, on the other hand, did not wait until the Chinese scientists published the final composition..” ..

30. ..”of their nucleic acid on 24.1.2020 to develop a test procedure to detect this allegedly new viral nucleic acid using the PCR method. In order to develop his test procedure, he selected completely different nucleic acids, which he knew to be present in every human being,”..

31. ..”even before the preliminary data on the alleged new viral gene sequence from China was published on 10 January 2020. These pieces of nucleic acids he selected,which do not come from the (constructed) genome strand of the Chinese virus, are the basis of his test procedure.”

32. “The biochemicals to detect the pieces of nucleic acids selected by Prof. Drosten by means of PCR – which do not originate from the Chinese virus model – were sent free of charge on 11.1.2020, “for humanitarian reasons”, to precisely these places ..” ..

33. ..”where it was known that returnees from Wuhan were being tested. Positive test results were thus obtained from travellers from Wuhan, which were presented to the public from 20.1.2020 as proof of human-to-human transmission of the alleged new virus.”

34. “The Chinese government had to bow to public pressure to accept a new epidemic because of this apparent evidence, although all of the 49 people in Wuhan with pneumonia of unknown origin were proven not to have infected family members, friends or hospital staff..” ..

35. ..”with whom they were in close contact.”…

36. “There are no disease-causing viruses and, with knowledge of real biology, they cannot exist. Viruses are only constructed mentally by putting together very short pieces of nucleic acids, purely theoretically, into long pieces.”

37. “These long mental constructs, which do not exist in reality and have never been discovered, are passed off as viruses. The process of mentally stringing together very short pieces of nucleic acid into a theoretical and long nucleic acid is called alignment.”

38. “Since short pieces of nucleic acids, of which viruses are thought to be composed, are released during all inflammatory processes, tissue formation, degradation and death, it is clear that all people who experience inflammatory processes, tissue formation, degradation..” ..

39. ..”or death and from whom tissues and fluids are collected for testing will test “positive” with the nucleic acid detection technique PCR.
Similarly, people automatically test positive if, when tested by swabbing,
a.) too many mucous membranes are damaged,

40. ..”b.) there is haemorrhaging as a result,
c.) the very sensitive olfactory bulb, a part of the brain, is mechanically injured in the nasal cavity, or
d.) simply a very large sample volume is taken,
because in the body, even in every natural body of water and in all seas,” ..

41. ..”an astonishingly intensive build-up and degradation of nucleic acids of all kinds is constantly taking place. Among them are always those from which the only apparent genetic strand of the virus was mentally constructed. The PCR virus test only detects very short..” ..

42. ..”nucleic acids that are claimed to be part of a virus.
The test procedure to detect the alleged new Corona virus was developed by Prof. Christian Drosten even before the nucleic acid of the alleged new Corona virus was ‘decoded.'”

43. ..”The Chinese virologists who had mentally constructed the nucleic acid of the alleged new virus using alignment, claimed that it has not been proven that this virus has the potential to produce diseases. They assumed that the new virus was very similar to harmless..” ..

44. ..”and difficult-to-transmit viruses in animals.
The “positive” results of Prof. Drosten’s PCR test were used to justify the claim that the new virus was “definitely” detected and that there was easy human-to-human transmission.”

45. “The ‘positive’ results of Prof. Drosten’s PCR test were used to justify the claim that the new virus was ‘definitely’ detected and that human-to-human transmission took place easily. These rash actions of Prof. Drosten had the effect..” ..

46. ..”of escalating a local SARS hysteria in Wuhan (triggered by an ophthalmologist) to a global Corona crisis.”

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Injections And Transhumanism

The New American, Alex Newman interviews Dr. Carrie Madej about the Cov#! injections. Everything discussed is supported with slides, documents and videos. Learn about nanobots, hydrogel, and genetic programming. It’s important for everyone to understand the agenda. Turn off your TV and do independent research.

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