Update 2020: I have switched gears and am focused on educating people about their legal rights regarding emergency executive orders and all of the unlawful mandates. Mandates are not laws and are unenforceable. They are presented as “temporary emergency laws” and officials deceptively use terms such as “required” and “mandatory” but they are not. Governors and health directors can not write laws, only the legislative bodies can do that. The mandates violate the constitution of the US and your state. They also violate civil rights laws. The constitution is NOT suspended, even during an emergency. Know your rights. Stand your ground. Fight the tyranny or we will never regain our freedom.

Wrongful convictions are more common than many realize — evidenced by the increased number of exonerations each year since the advent of DNA testing. What many don’t realize is that they don’t typically occur because of mistakes. Rather, they are a result of shoddy and dishonest police investigations, unethical prosecutors willing to charge and convict people without evidence, and biased judges — many of whom are former police officers and prosecutors.

While researching questionable cases, I have yet to encounter a case that was handled honestly and professionally. Instead, I see coerced witnesses, destroyed evidence, “lost” evidence, mishandled evidence, tunnel vision and the outright framing of innocent people. There is no recourse for those caught up in this. The best lawyers can do little against the U.S. justice system and innocent people continue to be convicted every day. So while it is wonderful that innocent people are exonerated (thanks to innocence groups), nothing in the justice system is really changing to prevent wrongful convictions. As a result, it keeps happening. I can’t think of many things worse than an innocent person suffering in prison.

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Update: Brad Cooper will be released from prison on November 23, 2020 and will return to his family home in Canada.



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  1. My brother was falsely convicted of rape. A drug addict, protitute room mate stole his paycheck and cashed it. He went to the cops and had her evicted as well. She went to his job and made such a scene he got fired. She offered to “pay it off in trade”. Stupid idiot agreed. Now my brother and I are both adult survivors of child abuse, you don’t want to here our fantasies, but unlike my brother, I keep mine in my head.
    She agreed to be tied up and gagged. He strutted around and verbalized all his revenge fantacies from years of abuse (idiot). Then he untied her and had sex. She reported him for rape because “she became afraid” during the recital and thus could no longer “consent” to the sex …. and the jury agreed. 75 years in jail for my little brother.
    She admitted to everything in court, and her pimp verified it …
    Just love my fellow citizens (NOT).

  2. Below is a petition created by the family of Cyril Smith. He is serving a life sentence for crimes he did not commit. The case is based on the lies of cooperating government witness that said whatever needed to help their cases. They were charged with the exact same crimes as they claim Mr. Smith committed. They lied several times to the police yet their testimony of lies were all it took to convict Mr. Smith. There was no physical evidence and he was never a person of interest in any of the crimes at the time they were committed. Mr. Smith has submitted an appeal to PA Federal Court as the NY Federal Court has denied his appeals in fear of showing the injustice that was performed. The family needs to media help to bring attention to not only his case but the tons of cases that are based on corruption and intimidation tactics if the Federal Court System. http://www.change.org/petitions/the-innocence-project

  3. Please tell me where I can find some help to prevent a false conviction against my husband. I can prove the police officers reports are false and even have copies of previous false reports written by these officers in an earlier attempt to file false charges against him. The state attorney refuses to believe anything but what these officers say and while I am listed as the “victim” in the case the prosecutor has never asked me what occurred and has sent me a letter saying I can finally speak at the sentencing hearing after he is convicted. One of the prosecutors has already lied to get a no bond status and then has the video of the hearing redacted to hide the lies told to the judge. This will be one more wrongful conviction unless I get help proving the truth. The attorney I hired is afraid to out the misconduct of the prosecutor and seems to be afraid to out the officers knowing the reports are false.

  4. My sixteen year old grandson has been wrongfully charged and convicted of a crime he didn’t commit and is being held without any evidence or proof that he committed this crime in the state of NC and is being held with someone else’s crime .

      1. I think it’s true that I listen in a little more now that I’m hope with my kids all day. There are a lot of inocaretitns that I don’t get to observe on a regular basis anymore, like those between coworkers. I take what I can get

      2. Si se está tan a disgusto con que cada grupo televisivo dé su opinión o esté "politizado" ¿Por qué no os váis a un país más culto? ¿ o es qué no somos capaces de ver las noticias sin sacar conclusiones propias? Yo sí.

  5. To whom this concerns:
    I’m wondering why a attorney can steal and lie cheat, and still no prison time, if a citizen of the united states ever stoled money – embezzled money there would most definitely be prison time , are Attorneys protected and can do what ever they want it would appear so with James Runyon.
    I hired Runyon and thought he would do good for me in this case, as I worked with him before, but he was found in violations of scr20:1,1. And scr:1,3. Knowledge & Dilagance he never defended me, now I’m paying the high price of six years in prison and nine years supervion, I have not seen my kids in over six years.
    On tv and in court, DNA is a powerful tool these days, in this case there is a unknown male DNA found on the front of the underwear and none of my dna any where , to this day NO one has attempted to see who the real perpetrator is, I’m doing time for someone else crime.
    The following is what happened to me. Attorney James T Runyon belongs behind bars as he hurt so many after my horable experience with Runyon. He should of had his license taken away then, so many would not be in this position today. But our justice system let RUNYON keep on hurting people. Now I’m left with no funds due to Attorney errors and looking for help but so far no luck.
    The following:

    Attorney Runyon did nothing for me he had a excuse for his mental health issue, he said he fell out of a deer stand and hit his head his wife doctored him up and then again he said he hit his head on the edge of the bed tripping on a rug again no treatment, and at post conviction he could not recall my case ( memory loss) he said under oath ( ” if I didn’t object I should have”) but he was able to continue being a attorney after 2014, He could not attend a motion hearing because he cut his hand in a glass that broke. he lost my case as he never brought up the unknown male DNA cancelled all my subpoenas one who would of testified he seen nothing going on when the victim said there was, never objected to any thing, he called in a motion hearing from a fishing trip from Canada. He was late for court 5-10 minutes every day, he never talked about what was going on at break rather he said he was illegally parked and had to check on his car, we had every thing to prove my Innocents, but Mr. Runyon just sat there and let the judge and the D. A have at will. and he stated to me and my p.i. (” I thought I was having a heart attack”) and he should of stopped but he let court proceed, i did six years in prison due to this Attorney now facing nine years supervion, I’m still looking for attorney to fix what Runyon did not do for me , but attorneys left me broke and trying to fix his mistakes now. a very horable repensentation, he should NEVER get his license back!!!!!. He ruined my life, I have not seen my kids in over six years, due to runyons neglect. All he brought up was my DNA was not found anywhere and this is true fact, but he left the judge to say” the cloths may have been laundered”, but the victims DNA and a unknown male DNA stayed on the cloths?? No objections this Attorney is worst than horable he is a minus 10 star attorney. Ron Morgan.

  6. I am trying to find the California Statute # to replace NC in your sample form for religious exemption for the vx. It is for my son in the army. Can anyone help

    1. Hi Andrea. You’ll want to look up and cite the applicable statutes here:

      Requiring a Covid vaccine (which is a medical experiment) as a condition to participate in society is UNLAWFUL COERCION according to CA law. California Laws PROHIBIT this:

      24170: This is the Protection of Human Subjects in Medical Experimentation Act
      24171: The Legislature hereby finds and declares … the right of individuals to determine what is done to their own bodies.

      24172 This is the “experimental subject’s bill of rights,” and states that individuals…

      (j) Be given the opportunity to decide to consent or not to consent to a medical experiment without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, coercion, or undue influence on the subject’s decision.

      There is also Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act that protects against all from discrimination to include religious discrimination.

      And reach out to Peggy Hall, a freedom fighter in California who can help with exemptions if you still need help.


  7. Is it legal for an employer to set a deadline for exemptions for the covid vaccine? For example, lets say that the deadline was Sept 1 to submit any kind of exemption for the vaccine. I want to submit my exemption now, because I wasn’t ready to by Sept 1 (because of doctors appointment or appointments with religious figure), but now my employer is saying they will not accept it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I don’t think it’s legal because at any point one could develop a reason for an exemption. What is the deadline for vax? Do you have to show proof? I would go to the highest level person and explain your reasons for the delay and maybe someone will allow you to submit it at this time.

  8. I live in the state of Hawaii and the state is requiring a Covid “vaccine” in order to participate in sports for my children’s participation. How do I get a religious exemption for my minor children to play sports? They are allowing medical and religious exemptions in addition to weekly testing. They are not allowing testing only.


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