Covid Vaccine: Laws, Rights and Exemptions

11/2/21 Updated religious exemption template

Attached is a sample template that can be modified for your use as your prepare your employee religious exemption.

Vaccine Religious Exemption

As my religious exemption is a federal requirement for employers according to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, I respectfully request a reasonable accommodation to maintain my employment with _______________________.

Title VII of the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 prohibits employers from discrimination for religious beliefs.

SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703]

(a) Employer practices

It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer –

(1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or

(2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

I’m opposed to all genetic therapeutic injections including those designed for Sars-Cov2. It is against my religion to accept an injection that attempts to alter my God-given code of life via synthetically designed genetic code which enters all cells of the body. Moderna describes mRNA therapies as the “software of life.”

It also “tricks” our God-given immune systems by substituting a nucleoside with one that does not occur naturally in our genetic sequence.

They accomplish this by substituting one of the four nucleosides that make up our genes which are A,C, G, and U. They replace U with Ψ.

Important toll-like receptor cells are suppressed by this substitution. They normally catch things that don’t belong in our bodies. They stop viruses, bacteria, cancers and other pathogens from harming us. Suppressing our innate immune system to allow synthetic RNA from these injections is putting us at risk for other diseases. I reject the tricking of my God-given immune system.

It is also against my religion to use any substance in which fetal cells are utilized in the research, manufacturing and testing process. All of the EUA injections utilize fetal cells.

I was created in God’s image and I refuse to jeopardize my salvation by defiling my body which is the temple of God.

16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?

17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. (1 Corinthian 3:16-17)

I respectfully request that you accommodate my exemption as required by law. I agree to  . . .

(Request your accommodation here – such as agreeing to work remote, wear a mask, distance until the pandemic is over).


Permitted Vaccine Exemptions by State:

If you are unable to locate your state statute, or if you’re in a state that does not have a vaccine exemption statute, please reference Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act for employment exemption.


Author: Lynne

I research and write about questionable cases, unfair trials, police misconduct, wrongful convictions and exonerations.

100 thoughts on “Covid Vaccine: Laws, Rights and Exemptions”

  1. I am a US service member. Today we were briefed covid vaccines will soon be mandated and members must submit or face potential administrative discharge from the military. Ultimately I fall under the uniform code of military justice which is its own law in its own way. At the end of the day my refusal to receive the shot would be a violation of a “lawful” order and my career will be over. What can I do?

    1. There was a recent case where Muslims were allowed to keep their beards even though it could inhibit the effectivness of a gas mask. This is one example of where religious freedom won out over the military mission readiness that they keep touting as the reason to violate our religious freedoms.

  2. Hi. I’m attaching a video that explains this, but you have every right to submit a religious exemption and it must be accommodated as required by law. You will want to state that wearing a mask, testing AND vaccines are counter to your beliefs; otherwise they will try to force you to wear a mask. There are other cases where the military has honored religious exemptions so this is nothing new. You are going to have to challenge the mandate and I’m sure you won’t be alone.

    Contact Peggy at if you need help with your exemption letter.

    Edited to add, this article should be helpful as well.

    1. Hi Lynne
      I have worked for UPS for years, and I am Union. About a month ago I was sent home for not wearing a mask. I cannot wear a mask because I have PTSD. I cannot return to work until I have a doctor’s note for a medical exemption. My doctor, who diagnosed me with PTSD will not write the letter. And my Union has done nothing to help me. I am losing hope. Do you have any suggestions for my situation? I appreciate all you have done here, it’s very kind of you. My email:

    2. I have already submitted my religious exemption statement, and its still pending approval. However, at the time that I wrote it, I was unaware that requesting exemption for testing was an option. How do I go about adding testing to my exemption statement once it’s already pending review?

      1. I would probably amend the document to include testing exemption and submit it. Understand that you are asking for an accommodation in lieu of testing so be prepared to write something to allow for that. You may state that it’s against your religion to undergo an experimental PCR test with a wand with unknown substances and materials and a procedure that does not list risks of harm but that you are willing to submit to a saliva test should one be available. That would be the proposed accommodation – or whatever you believe is reasonable for your work environment — will agree to remain home if you have a fever or cold symptoms, etc.

  3. I work in a primary care dr office, out employer is forcing us to get vaccinated and if we don’t by the deadline, they consider that we resigned so we can’t collect unemployment. I had a massive stroke last year and have a blood clot in my basilar artery, I’m on blood thinners and don’t feel safe taking an experimental drug. My pcp is going to write me an exemption letter but not sure if that’ll work? Any advice?

    1. The medical exemption should work. Print a copy of your state statute and include it in when you give them your exemption letter. If they give you a hard time, you can report them for violation of the laws that protect you. Don’t let them push you into weekly testing or anything like that though. That is not a reasonable accommodation. That’s why religious exemptions can be better. You can include masks and tests along with the vaccines.

      1. Hi Lynne, which religious exemption would you reccomend, to claim exemption against vaccine, masks, and tests. Thank you.

  4. My work just announced that we have to be vaccinated by a deadline or we are voluntary terminated. I need help writing the religious exception and not sure how to write or what to write in it. Any help would be great! Thanks

    1. Hi Angie. Please post an email address even if you have to create a throwaway address and let me know your state and I will try to help.

        1. Hi. I would just slightly reword the example I posted to state something like “We were born in the image of God, therefore I reject the veiling of my face.” And for the tests – Since it’s only approved via the EUA, there is no way to know the full ingredients or safety and I can’t risk putting unknown substances inside my body.

      1. Hi Lynne,
        My employer has made full covid vaccination mandatory by February or we are terminated
        I could some use help in putting together a religious exemption. Trying to keep it as simple as possible.

        1. Just copy/paste/reference the Title 7 law described above and write your religious objection below it. I have an example above that you can modify as needed.

      2. Hi Angie, I am in a similar situation and have been a home office/remote worker for many years. They are forcing us to get the vaccine by Jan 4th, even if we are remote. I work in Texas. Do you have a template for me? My email address is Thanks

      3. Hello, I work for a corporation and it’s getting fuzzy. I have already tested positive for covid, and don’t feel comfortable taking the vaccines after seeing the efficacy rate amongst people. I’ve talked to my doctor, and they even agree that I don’t necessarily need the shot, but said there’s nothing they can do for me for my work. I’m really unsure of what to do next. They said after you’re vaccinated, you can return. “Voluntarily terminated” in my case. My past resort was going to be just working until they fire me or call the cops. Any help is appreciated.

  5. I work at my hometown hospital and they just mandated the vaccine. I have till sept 25th and will be out of a job. Not sure how to write up a religious exemption. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      1. I saw on here a link for a personalized religious exemption for $39 signed by a pastor. Thoughts on that or should we write or own? I don’t know what to say.

        1. Is that on the Healthy American site? I hadn’t realized there was a charge. I think it’s easy enough to do your own. Just model it after the one I posted. Healthy American does do so much research and informs the public of their rights. Peggy has made hundreds of videos and does a business seminar for a low fee, maybe $40? I took it just so I could try to help small businesses. She lost her job when all of this started and is driven to help people. Maybe her husband (the pastor) just has a fee because it does take some time to put it together. I hope that helps.

          1. Yes! I would be more than happy to support them and purchase an exemption after reading your comment!!

      2. Hi Lynne

        My wife and I are in he same boat with most healthcare workers. With the FDA approval of the vaccine we need assistance with a religious exemption letter. We work in Massachusetts in a well known Hospital that may consider this type of exemption. We haven’t been given a deadline as of yet. Any help is greatly appreciated.

        1. Massachusetts has wording of “except if we are in a state of emergency or epidemic.” This makes it impossible to refer to the state statute. I would instead reference Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act: SEC. 2000e-2. [Section 703]

          (a) Employer practices

          It shall be an unlawful employment practice for an employer –

          (1) to fail or refuse to hire or to discharge any individual, or otherwise to discriminate against any individual with respect to his compensation, terms, conditions, or privileges of employment, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin; or

          (2) to limit, segregate, or classify his employees or applicants for employment in any way which would deprive or tend to deprive any individual of employment opportunities or otherwise adversely affect his status as an employee, because of such individual’s race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

          Then state that it is against your religion to receive these injections. You can phrase it any way you want – reference the aborted fetal cell lines and/or concerns about a substance penetrating your cells that could possibly alter your natural immune system and that you could potentially no longer be viewed by God as a creation in his image and that you are opposed to the potential of destroying your salvation by tainting your body. (something like that).

      3. Lynne, I am a federal employee through sub contract, and many of the people i work with are as well. Most however are contractors that work for the DOE. I am extremely concerned by how we are being treated and by the language of the “guidance” we recieved. It looks as though the forms they want us to use are an entrapment, put together bu a legal team. The way it reads many are afraid to even show it to an attorney due to the extreme threats it lists out stating it is private and confidential to the business and not of the person. Please reach out to me soon. They only gave us about a week to figure this out. Anyways, there arent many of us left that are still fighting but we need help.

  6. Thank you Lynne!! My heart is breaking about all this nonsense. Thankful for all the ones who help and stand up to them!

  7. Thank you, thank you, Lynne! You are 100% correct that we have been mislead about our rights, and that most organizations, and the police are not aware of the actual laws.

    This information is priceless, and gives people the armor we need to stand up against this lunacy! Please, spread this website and information everywhere (giving credit where credit is due!). You have given me so much hope, thank you!

    1. Thanks, I appreciate the feedback and hope this is helpful to many. I’ve been doing vaccine exemptions for my kids for years and never had anyone reject or question it.

  8. My employer is requiring we get vaccinated or face termination. I legitimately refuse to have other human cells injected into my body. They provided us a religious exemption form but I’m unsure what how much I’m required to respond to them, please help. Casey in Florida,

    1. Any updates? I’m also in FL and am faced with the same situation and am at a loss of what to do as they’re using the excuse that my place of business does business with the Federal Government in other states and as such we must also be mandatorily vaccinated…

      1. Alex, the only updates are that they are continuing to clamp down on us, on freedom, on medical privacy.

        The best you can do is to force them to follow the laws as described in this article. Do not comply. No employer has a right to force a medical intervention.

  9. I work as an RN in WA state. The governor has mandated everyone in health care must be vaccinated or risk losing their employment. I put in a religious exemption form but I’m unsure how much I’m required to respond to them. I’ve also had an anaphylactic reaction to Septra and am worried about the response my body will have to this vaccine.

    1. Hopefully they will accept your exemption and you can keep your job. If you have any issues, post back here and let me know the response you received and I’ll try to help. We’re going to need all the medical workers we can get as these mandates are going to cause many to quit.

  10. Hi, can you help me with wording for a religious exemption? I am currently working in healthcare in California and they are requiring the vaccine for all healthcare workers.

    Thank you,

  11. My name is Jennie and I am a nurse in a Nursing Home in Texas. My employer has made the covid 19 vaccine mandatory or be terminated. How do you go about getting a religious exemption. I have no idea how to write it out.
    If there is anyway you can help me it would be greatly appreciated. Email

  12. I travel for a living and the hosptials I go in are requiring the vaccination. I need help writing a religious exemption. I don’t know what other oorltion is out there. I live in Colorado and don’t know if that makes a difference. Also do I need a pastor or clergy to sign this?

  13. Hi Lynne, I received my religious exemption form today…OMG the questions they ask are insane and no right answer! I don’t know how to answer these. I’ll list questions here, maybe this will help someone else in the same boat.

    1. I am requesting an exemption on the basis of a sincerely held bona fide religious belief observance or practice that prevents me from obtaining the COVID-19 immunization described as follows (attach any documentation which would be helpful in describing the reasons for your requested exemption and how it applies to matters of religious belief).

    2. Do you other members of your family including children receive vaccination?

    3. Have you or your family members been vaccinated in the past? If so, why and how recently?

    4. Would you except medical intervention for yourself or your family members in an emergency situation? If so, why?

    5. Have you or your family members accepted medical intervention in emergency situations in the past? If so, why and how recently?

    6. Do you object to the vaccine because of what you believe it contains? If so, what are the specific components of the vaccine to which you object?

    7. When did your religious beliefs in opposition to vaccination develop? If you belong to a organized religion, please provide the date that you became a documented member.

    I have no idea how to respond to these? My kids are in their late 20’s early 30’s. I have taken the flu shot every year and that have that on my file.

    Thank you for your help for all of us. I’m in PA if that’s needed to know.

    1. That is so offensive and a blatant violation of medical privacy. They’re clearly trying to trip people up. I am not a lawyer but I can tell you that I would not be comfortable working for a business that would expect me to answer the questions on that form. I would type up a standard religious exemption similar to my example – referencing your state statute and/or Title 7 of the civil rights act that protects against discrimination. I would write a few sentences about why you oppose it, that you won’t jeopardize your salvation with a substance that enters the cell and leaves a synthetic code behind, that your body is a temple and anything you feel in your heart. Don’t mention the science at all. Stick to your beliefs. I would staple it to the questionnaire and leave the answers blank and hope for the best.

    2. Don’t answer those questions. Exercising your right to claim a religious exemption does not annul your right to remain silent on private matters or to resist interrogation by intrusive goons who have no right to the information. They want to collect that data involving your and others’ objections so that they can analyze, refine and amplify their pressure tactics against other innocent people in the next go-around. Don’t let them and don’t help them. Don’t explain anything to them. Retain a lawyer and then then tell them to contact your lawyer. Tell you lawyer to say that his/her client has no comment on the matter. Or you can just say, on advice of counsel, I choose to remain silent on those questions.

    1. I sent you an email but will also put my response here to help others from Texas.

      Attached is the procedure you will need to follow. Texas requires that your exemption be notarized. Just type up the letter by putting AFFIDAVIT of Conscience Exemption at the top, then include the statute at the top of the link I provided. Just copy/paste it. Then the next paragraph state that you are submitting a conscience exemption based on your religious beliefs. You can use the wording I typed up in my example if you’d like.

      Then put a line for name, date and address and the name of the business.

      Take it somewhere and sign it in front of a notary and have them stamp it. That should work fine.

      1. Hello. I am also in Texas and need sample language for a religious exemption letter. I was wondering if citing Gov. Abbott’s executive order banning vaccine mandates would also be helpful to include in my letter?

        1. I would use language similar to the link I provided. I personally would not mention the executive order because you want to make a strong argument that this is about your religious beliefs. If you do reference the order, read it very carefully.

          It’s interesting that businesses follow the illegal executive orders that forced shutdowns and masks but ignore orders that protect freedoms.

  14. Hi Lynne,

    I work for a contract company out of NC, but reside in NY. I contract with many hospitals. A hospital I contract with in Georgia is requiring the vaccine, even for fully remote employees (I never step foot in the facility). How do I go about filing an exemption in this situation?

    1. I would write one similar to my example citing Title 7 of the Civil Rights Act. I would also state that you are requesting an accommodation based on your religious beliefs that is already in place since you’re a remote employee. The purpose of the exemptions is to allow employers or schools to provide reasonable accommodations for those unable to comply with their policies. They don’t even need to change anything to accommodate you since you don’t go on site.

  15. Hi,

    I work for a Community Non-profit in Florida and they have just mandated the vaccine. Can you please help with a Religious Exemption? I have no idea what to write. Thank you so much.

  16. Hi Lynne!

    Thank you so, so much for this post. I live in NY and my employers has mandated the vaccine. I have drafted up a letter to submit to my employers requesting a religious accommodation. Sincerely, the vaccine does go against my religious beliefs but I am scared they will deny me. I was wondering if you would you please read my letter and provide me with some feedback? Anything helps! If so, my email address is I will send it as soon as I hear from you.

    Please and thank you 😦

  17. Hello Lyn!

    I work for a recreation department in Florida and I just received the news that our whole department has to get vaccinated or we will be terminated. I requested a Religious Exemption Form from my boss to fill out that has questions and some of them I’m not quite sure how to approach. Thank you….

    1. Describe the sincerely held religious belief, observance, and/or practice that necessitates this request for a religious accommodations:

    2. Does the sincerely held religion belief, observance, and/or practice lead you to object to
    a. All medical treatment – YES/NO
    b. All vaccinations – YES/NO
    c. Only the COVID-19 vaccination – YES/NO

    3. Please explain how your sincerely held religious belief, observance, and/or practice conflicts with the COVID-19 requirements:

    4. Describe the accommodation you are requesting:

    5. Is the requested accommodation temporary? YES/NO
    a. if temporary, when is the date the accommodation will no longer be needed?

    6. Describe any alternate accommodations that might address your needs:

    1. I was just asked these same questions, after submitting a letter from my pastor. How did you respond? And was your exemption granted ?

  18. My employer is requiring we get vaccinated or face termination. I legitimately refuse to have other human cells injected into my body. They provided us a religious exemption form but I’m unsure what how much I’m required to respond to them, please help. Lanette in Florida,

  19. My employer is requiring we get vaccinated or face termination. I legitimately refuse to have other human cells injected into my body. They provided us a religious exemption form but I’m unsure what how much I’m required to respond to them, please help. Lanette in Florida,

  20. Is it legal for an employer to set a deadline for exemptions for the covid vaccine? For example, lets say that the deadline was Sept 1 to submit any kind of exemption for the vaccine. I want to submit my exemption now, because I wasn’t ready to by Sept 1 (because of doctors appointment or appointments with religious figure), but now my employer is saying they will not accept it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  21. May I please get a copy of your example of a religious objection? I’m having trouble navigating this page and can’t find the link. Thank you so much for helping us!

  22. Hello Lynn I am having a hard time downloading the app for my phone can you help me please with the letter exemption for that shot please my name is Linda Stewart and I work for Sara Lee my email is thanks and have a wonderful day.

  23. How do I find out what my rights are when I already have a legit medical exemption? My sons school won’t let me on school property without a vaccine but I’m exempt! Who can I contact?

  24. Hello, I work for a company in California and a mandate will be coming out because we do work for the government. I wasn’t sure about going for a religious or medical exemption, but then I heard about a native exemption. I am 25% alaska native and I have the papers to show that, but I have not been able to find an information on what that exemption is from or how to use it.

  25. My husband’s employer has a PCR testing mandate for all unvaccinated employees. We completed their form have turned in an extensive letter outlining his sincerely-held religious beliefs which prevent him from consenting to being tested. We also included the signed attestation of faith from Pastor David of Regarding accommodation, we asked for nothing to be changed – still wearing a mask and social distancing – this was working sufficiently for so long, what has changed now? His exemption has been denied and when we asked for an explanation for this decion, they asked for “published religious articles” to support his beliefs. Personally, I don’t feel like a person writing an article would be more in touch with his religious beliefs than he is! What can we use?? There is no way he will comply with a potentially dangerous test multiple times a month with no end in sight. Thank you for your guidance!!

    1. I would respond that you are using scripture to support the accommodation to avoid the tests as you have no way of knowing what is on the swabs because they are still experimental and approved only as EUA by the FDA. That you refuse to risk penetrating the blood/brain barrier. Can he ask for a saliva test? That would be much less invasive.

      I believe we were created in God’s image and I refuse to jeopardize my salvation by defiling my body with an unknown substance as it is the temple of God.

      16 Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you?
      17 If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are. (1 Corinthian 3:16-17)

  26. Thank you, Lynne, for inspiring, educating, and supporting all of these Americans as more and more face the tyranny of the lawless and uninformed. You are performing a wonderful service with God’s grace. We pray that you will be supported in all necessary ways to continue to uplift and empower the oppressed. We are so grateful! How can we best support your ongoing efforts?

    1. Thank you so much. I feel driven to help people fight back against the tyranny. My satisfaction comes from seeing people being able to keep their jobs as the rule of law is followed.

      I’m personally affected by this now as my husband works for a company that is forcing the vax for all employees – remote and in-office. We’ll see how it turns out after he submits his exemption.

      Really appreciate the support.

      1. Bless you, Lynne. I am continually baffled to discover how many companies are quickly moving forward and willingly firing employees or denying their exemptions – all in a knee-jerk reaction to a verbal statement from the current administration which has no bearing on the law and has no legal right to demand anything. Thank goodness for those (you included!) who are feverishly educating and empowering the working masses and for the companies who are waiting to take action until a formal, valid declaration might be made.

        At the scientific company where I work, they are now requiring all employees in the US to disclose their vaccination status (or possibly face disciplinary action) after rewarding everyone who voluntary got vaccinated and disclosed it. It already sounds like discrimination to me. They are apparently looking at the proportion of responses to help determine action going forward, and I believe it is close to 50/50 vacc/unvacc. They are also supposedly awaiting formal guidance, so we will see what happens. As the corporate office is based in the northeast, they probably are not aware that some of the offices based in conservative states have executive orders that ban the restrictions as of today.

        I pray for you and your husband, and I hope that all goes smoothly with the requested exemption. If any vaccination requirement could ever be pushed by the government for a “pandemic” that is over and has a survival rate comparable to the flu, we all have bigger problems, and we know there is another type of plan in place. Let us pray for those in the ‘know’ as they are the ones who say ‘No’.

        Keep up the good work and may *God Bless America*! (PS – do you at least have a PayPal or other account where we can financially support you?) Thank you!

        1. It does sound discriminatory at your company. It’s getting so out of control. I used to work as a chemist and in technical service/sales and have been scoping job prospects but many require vax and/or masks so I’m unable to work in my field. I know one can always request an exemption but it’s very difficult as a new hire.

          Thank you for the offer of support but your kind note is all the compensation I need:). Best of luck with your job and let me know if you need any help.

  27. Hi Lynne, Firstly, thanks for all of your support and help with this! I work for a state institution that is mandating the vaccine or we’re terminated, except via approved medical or religious exemptions. We are required to answer a set of questions instead of simply submitting an exemption letter. I feel like we are trying to be tricked. Any advice on this situation? I can send you the exact questions if necessary. Thanks!

  28. Hi. Yes, I’m starting to see the questions more often. At first I thought it best to ignore them but some believe it’s better to respond. I’ll send you an email so you can share them with me if you’d like. I can let you know how I would respond, but it’s anyone’s guess how they are trying to trip people up. It’s not supposed to be this way.

  29. Hi Lynne,
    I work for a Pharmaceutical that runs the study for the big pharma companies. They just put out a mandate for employees that work on government funded studies to get the vaccine. How can I best write my religious exemption to get out of having to take the vaccine?
    Thank you for all your help!

    1. Sorry, I should have said, I work for the Pharmaceutical company that runs one of the vaccine studies for…

    2. Hello Lynne,

      I appreciate all the help and advice you have provided. I work for the Department of Defence. As your aware, they have mandated the vaccine. This past monday, they finaly provided the forms for excemption, which is due on monday Nov 8. For religious exemptions, they are asking you to answer the following questions. I would appreciate any input you can give. TA email:

      A description of the religious belief, practice, or observance that is the basis for the request for a religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination requirement;

      A description of when and how the DoD civilian employee came to hold the religious belief or observe the religious practice;

      A description of how the DoD civilian employee has demonstrated the religious belief or observed the religious practice in the past;

      An explanation of how the COVID-19 vaccine conflicts with the religious belief, practice, or observances;

      A statement concerning whether the DoD civilian employee has previously raised an objection to a vaccination, medical treatment, or medicine based on a religious belief or practice. If so, a description of the circumstances, timing, and resolution of the matter;

  30. Hi Lynne,
    Thanks so much for your help! I recently was granted a religious exemption from the vaccine, but my company states they will require routine weekly covid tests at my expense. I thought the expense would fall on them if the company is requiring it. Or, does it fall on me because it is a condition of the exemption?
    Thanks again for your help.

    1. This complicates things but I would probably submit an exemption for the tests too as they are also under emergency use authorization. I would probably request a saliva test because I don’t trust the wand that goes so deep into the nasal cavity. I don’t think you should have to pay for it since it is their requirement. That would be discriminatory too since you are being essentially paid less because of your religious beliefs.

  31. G’day Lynne, I have a two page exemption letter to complete and haven’t because it’s seems so intrusive and seems trying to trip me up for the next.. I want to put in there I request to be exempt from jab, nasal swab/jab and masks.. otherwise they’re welcome to shove their federally subsidized leading goverment aircraft manufacturer position only considering for the health benefits for my sons versus no insurance.. would you be willing to assist? Thanks and God bless

  32. Hi, I am a remote healthcare employee from Indiana. My employer is mandating the covid vaccine per the CMS mandate. We can file for a religious exemption or a medical exemption. I have had adverse reactions in the past to infusions/injections. However, a medical exemption does not seem to be an option for me as per my medical plan I have to use one of my employers providers as a pcp, and upon contacting them, they sent me an email stating they will not be giving or filling out any exemptions! I am a Christian, however I am not an anti-Vader and have had the flu vaccine every year. I do not believe we should be altering our RNA or DNA. I also believe that since the vaccines “dirty” your plasma and keep you from donating convalescent plasma to help save family and friends, thus forcing the option of convalescent plasma treatment to become extinct. I need help drafting a religious exemption for the Covid vaccines.


  33. It is a pity, that now I can not express – there is no free time. But I will return – I will necessarily write that I think on this question.

  34. Hi Lynn,
    My job asked me to vaccinate . I submitted a letter from my pastor then received this from my employer. I feel overwhelmed with the questions Etc specially after doing what they already asked to supply a letter from my pastor. I’m having a trouble answering the following questions
    Afraid my exemption won’t be accepted
    The questions are as follows

    1 please describe the nature of your sincerely held religious beliefs or religious practice or observance the conflicts with the vaccine sin requirement.
    2 is your religious objection to the use of all vaccines as a specific type of vaccine or some other subset of vaccines.
    Any help would be appreciated or can I send you my response and you look it over and
    provide any guidance
    Thank you

  35. I am desperately seeking a doctor who will give my daughter a medical exemption, she has had severe reactions to past vaccines. Can you please help us by recommending a doctor ? my email is THANK YOU !


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