Vetted Images of Red Blood Cells Before and After mRNA Injections

EDIT: Here are more blood cells before and after a Moderna shot.

Under anonymity, a clinic examined blood cells of a patient before and after receiving the injections. You can see the progression of the cells as the appear normal in the initial image. Nine days later they are observed to be jagged in appearance, irregular, and beginning to coagulate. A week after that, there is very increased coagulation.

Note: Ignore the dates on the images. They do not correlate to the dates of the microscopic examinations of the cells, which were captured in November and early December.

Initial Microscopic View of Red Blood Cells
9 Days after mRNA injection
16 days after mRNA injection

After posting this information, I researched possible reasons for the jagged appearance of blood cells. I came across articles that describe them as schisocytes, known as fragmented blood cells. They can be the result of the cells moving through obstructions in small blood vessels. I believe it’s plausible that since the spike proteins sit on the outer portion of the cell – to include vessel walls – that the arrival of antibodies and macrophages could obstruct the normal blood flow and create damage to the blood cells. This could also result in the clotting that we’re seeing. Here are additional details about schisocytes.


Author: Lynne

I research and write about questionable cases, unfair trials, police misconduct, wrongful convictions and exonerations.

62 thoughts on “Vetted Images of Red Blood Cells Before and After mRNA Injections”

  1. The lifespan of a red blood cell is approx 4 months. This needs follow up after 4 months to see if new blood cells continue to exhibit the deformation or if it’s a one time event that only affects cells present in blood stream at the time of the vaccine. And some research needs to be done on spread of the lipid particles to see if they persist in the body over time or eventually get purged.

          1. in crease in alien activities on earth to the point the goverment says yeah they are out there kinda makes me think there is a alliance between the world leaders and a alien race that has this planet simply for farming the human race and there about to collect a large number of us for food and the vaccine will keep our bodys from decaaing or fauci having a kingsman moment and trying to wipe out the majority of the population to preserve the planet we do consume at a unsistainable rate

      1. Can we replace Fouchi with a real doctor? Soon before they give everyone the synthetic blood cancer.
        This is pure evil!
        It’s just a matter of time, vaxx’d blood is going to kill and or sterilize .
        Per forecast population in the USA 60m
        Hmm 70% reduction

        Coincidence. ?
        Vaxx’d rate 70%.

        Where are the good guys?

      2. They’re inaction and silence on it speaks volumes.
        They apparently are not our friends.
        What is the opposite of friend ?

    1. I am not “pro vaccine”…I just want HONEST dialog concerning Covid and vaccines. Having said that, why are the dates on the frames SCREAMING fraud? The 3rd frame doesn’t even have a date. Obviously, these frames are from 3 different patients. Even if this is true concerning red blood cells, the credibility is shot. Total failure.

      1. The dates are when I believe images were taken from the slide captures because the metadata appeared when I was saving them to wordpress and they are from mid November, late November and the first week of December consecutively.

        1. Metadata is easy to modify.

          Given the huge political problem this mRNA failure would cause, it isn’t surprising that proper studies are hard-to-impossible to find. That said, somebody somewhere has done a proper study with witnesses and chains-of-custody (microscopes are cheap). Keep looking!

        1. Andrew, my “ability (if any)” was simply looking at the frames. 2 had timestamps in reverse order – the 3rd did not have a timestamp. As it’s implied the timestamps are from the microscope, the first 2 could not be from the same patient. The 3rd has no timestamp, implying a different lab/microscope. Now that we know the timestamp is NOT from the lab, all this is mute anyway.

          1. OH WOW! Really? Well, this isnt just one person with coagulated, red blood cells that look like glowing triangles. No, there are MANY, MANY others. Even if this was done Nov-Dec, so what? This just means this person is one of the first responders that was given this crap when it was first available. Does this mean that nothing nefarious is going on? Well, hell no! So why is everyone thinking shit is all fine and dandy? Go ahead and MUTE this, you are just realizing you are fucked and MIGHT or MIGHT NOT die from Antibody Dependent Enhancement like that Scientist promised would happen to those that got stuck. TWO FKNG YEARS!! Millions could perish, is this why they are opening these ” camps” with crematoriums on site, all over the US?

          2. Well not for nothing but there is a German lab circulating a video of their research with Pfizer and it happens in 11 minutes with no interuptions.

      2. It says in the paragraph before the pics that say these samples are from Nov-Dec and not to pay attention to the dates.

      3. I don’t understand why every doctor or researcher in the country isn’t examining your blood pre and post vaccine. I also don’t understand why a person that dies within 14 days of being vaccinated isn’t considered a vaccinated death? I really don’t care about the date stamp on the picture of three different individuals. why isn’t this on the news. Its an experimental vaccine so lets study it! No doubt thousands are dead within 14 days of being vaccinated.
        The public that trust this medical system and sees massive deaths from screwing up our DNA is going to be mad as hell when they figure out who lied to them, who promoted the lie and who profited from the lie. The four vaccine companies have seen there value and profits soar 150 Billion each in one year! How many people on earth will eventually die because of this?

      4. @Cary I noticed the same thing with the dates on the images. They don’t match up to the claimed # of days passed… And even if these are 3 different samples, then the data is skewed because it’s not showing a real story.
        I am unvaxxed and pro face, but I still want TRUTH.

        1. Others have corroborated the stacking of blood cells under a microscope and this is consistent with the reports of blood clots and thickened blood. How would one even go about faking something like this, and for what purpose? I trust the images and they are very frightening.

    2. It was speculation and in either case they are abnormal cells. It is alarming to see that change, don’t you think? Also, did you ever review the results of the animal trials? And did scientists examine the blood to look for changes?

    3. Well Scott I would agree with the 4 month thing but 4 months is the average lifespan of a red blood cell. but no matter what are we so sure these people will even be around for 4 months. blood cells like that tend to stick in the tiniest capillaries in your body and those are usually around and in the most vital of organs. to include the lungs, heart and brain. Given that this is alarming considering that this is after the M-RNA shot. blood should not look like that ever.

  2. Why does the video timestamp go from 5/11/21 to 5/05/21, and why are the color gammas so different on the last two (implying different instrument)? And, “a clinic” isn’t very specific.

    Though I might believe this series of events, this report shows no evidence of vetting, despite the headline. There is little to no evidence in the images themselves that these represent a progression in a single patient.

    1. Those aren’t the dates the microscope images were captured. They are from November and December. You have every right to be skeptical. Clinics aren’t going to publicly release information like this in our current environment of cancelling everyone. Consider this though – the images are consistent with the effects we’re seeing – blood clots, strokes, migraines, heart inflammation, menstrual issues, brain fog. I believe them to be authentic for that reason, and Sarah does ethical reporting. I have no reason not to trust her.

      1. Thank you Lynne for the clarification. I just wish the “date issue” was addressed in the initial post. Looking at the frames, the “date stamp” appears to come from the lab. Obviously, the “pro vaccine” mob would jump on this as proof of misinformation.

        1. Yes, I understand it can be misleading. I trust Sarah though and don’t believe she would publish photoshopped images. There’s very little to gain. It’s very concerning because we know people are experiencing severe blood related issues following the shots. My heart sinks when someone close to me tells me they got them.

          Edited to add: I researched reasons for this appearance of jagged cells and I will edit my blog post to include it. It’s caused by them being torn/damaged by difficulty moving through small vessels easily. I suspect spike proteins are causing obstructions.

    2. Your questions are only relevant if the writer said that these were from a single individual. The answer to your questions don’t matter if normal red blood cells are supposed to look like sand burrs instead of plates.

  3. While the two dates may be suspect, it appears that the three images were taken by a camera or phone-cam, on different parts of the display screen. As if I pulled up an image on the internet (or somewhere) and took a photo of my monitor with my phone. The date fonts look exactly the same, but the camera was positioned differently in each one. The color discrepancies look to be the result of the monitor the original images are displayed on. If you notice the first one had a reddish tint, the second more greenish, and the third seems to have both, making it seem like the edges of the display have a problem, maybe with angle of view. It’s possible the person taking the images took the “after” one first, and then realized they needed the “before” to compare it to, thereby leading to the date differences. This doesn’t tell us when or where the three images were initially rendered (that is the microscope or lab or whatever).

  4. Scientific method — retest the blood, re-examine the red blood cells, get better photographs than those.

  5. The images are pretty clear. Watch the video. Those involved in this agenda should be monitoring these things. They are not. They do not care.

    1. I was in the hospital earlier this year, one of my roommates had lost 50% of his blood and the doctors didn’t know how or why. The patient said that he noticed a small amount of blood in his stool one day but nothing remotely like the 50% blood loss. He causally mentioned that he had just had his second jab a couple of weeks ago and it knocked him on his ass. The three doctors in the room made no connection or comment linking it to his life threatening problem. On top of that his body was not creating any new blood to replace what he lost. He had a somewhat of a rare blood type and the hospital was only able to give him 2 transfusions. It didn’t help him at all, he was in for about a week and after a bunch of tests, they sent him home and gave him a prescription for iron pills. ‘He was still in the same shape as when he came in. They also said if it happened to him again, he’d be dead..

      1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear this. I am at the point where I fear checking up on people who got it because I can’t face any bad news. And detecting a change in them will crush me, so I avoid people. I will pray that he regains his blood supply and recovers.

        1. I have been studying people that I know have taken the shot. Some haven’t changed a bit. But some have and its alarming. These are your friends and you can’t say anything as they get pissed off. Too bad that the fear was put in people and they made bad decisions. I preach to people to fuel up their immune system, and you will have nothing but the phony government to worry about.

  6. Every device in the hospital has the name of the hospital (or laboratory) and the patient on the images!
    It is clear that they then either manipulated the images or downloaded images of identical results from the Internet, in order to remain anonymous, avoid sanctions and not violate the patient’s privacy ….
    So it’s not clear to me why you philosophize so much about pictures and ignore the essence!?!

  7. It wasn’t from a hospital. A private clinic did this. You can ignore it if you wish, but the results are consistent with the effects we’re seeing.

  8. So we are all GMOs after the vaccine. Maybe we’ll all be more drought resistant or immune to boll weevil infestation now?

    1. There was a law passed by the Supreme Court in 2012, basically stating that if your DNA is altered by a corporation, you are “Patentable” by that corporation and you have given up your human rights. You are now Trans-human. Could this be why this administration is pushing this shot and it really has nothing at all to do with Covid.

  9. Some of us should go to a lab and have slides made. I know what normal cells look like. Take the sides to your doctor and ask them to show you under a microscope.

  10. I went out and bought my own microscope to look at the blood of friends and family. (1000x oil immersion lens) I did smears and stains on several people and we all have what looks like normal blood to me. I was looking for those prickly looking cells and didn’t find any in my vaxxed friends (thank God). Am thinking of buying another microscope with a hi-res camera and opening a free service for random people to have the blood screened. Maybe start a class action.

  11. Dr Zandre Botha from South Africa had a video shared recently of similar pictures she took of her patients’ blood – and the images are VERY DISTURBING of what happened to the vaccinated people’s blood. This is real folks – stop being so skeptical – why would thousands of doctors warn people at the expense of their careers? This strange skepticism reminds me of the gospel – some people CHOOSE to believe the truth, while many refuse it – at their own expense. You have been warned!

  12. Yet, we’re on our own to try to figure out why so many are suffering from horrendous never before seen blood clots following the “vaccines.” Do you think any doctor is going to dare to research this and even if they did that media would report it? This stacking visible on the slides is consistent with the body’s reaction. The spike proteins sticking out of the blood cell walls are triggering an immune response – but it results in attack of the blood cells and clotting. So enough about what “real” labs would do.

    1. The “spikes” on the red blood cells are not spike protein. Spike proteins are far too small to be seen at this level of magnification. Spike proteins are on the tips of the covid virus, and a viral particle is far too small to be seen here. You need an electron microscope for that. Furthermore mature red blood cells contain no DNA, the mRNA vaccine does not target RBCs (directly). There are plenty of reputable sources that indicate the vaccine causes blood clots and other problems. As I said, you won’t see this number of schizoctyes on a live person so it is obvious to anyone with medical training in blood science this isn’t credible information. Which should be important if you are really concerned about the vaccine (I am) and really concerned about helping people.

      1. You double posted, that’s why I deleted one of your comments. I never said the spiky cells were the spike proteins, did I? Of course not, but the spikes are caused by the blood moving through DAMAGED blood vessels from the immune cells attacking the spike proteins seated on the blood vessel walls. The spike proteins end up in ALL cells and especially the blood cells lining the vessel walls because the poison is injected and ends up in the vessels and also every organ of the body and the lymphatic system.

        I am not attempting to help the vaxed as that is impossible. The poison bioweapon destroys the immune system and is now causing rapid-spread cancers and autoimmune diseases and neurological issues. I’m here to warn the unvaxed to stay away from them. How exactly are YOU helping vaxed people? By attempting to discredit others work? I’ll bet you got the shots.

  13. The slide with an earlier date was a botched preparation with the wrong amount of water. The preparer got it right on the later date

  14. I have extracted over 70,000 on the last 27 yrs. Currently, I can identify pts who have had the vax, during oral surgery. The blood clots are “stretchy” and “stringy”. Sometimes more noticeable than other times. So, your slides are making perfect sense. Cal me if you want. Dan W. Dansie DDS 801-473 9520. Payson, Utah

    1. Hi. Thanks for the information. I’m hearing that tattoo artists can notice when someone is vaxed too. Also vaxed are reporting they are having difficulties having blood drawn.

      This is very concerning but most doctors are afraid to talk about it. It supports the alarming issues with strokes, clots, heart attacks and so many other post vax health problems but it’s ignored as they keep pushing them.

  15. Anyone can pull images of abnormal blood cells off the internet and use them as “proof” of something. There is zero supporting evidence that these images were in any way related to covid vaccination. Could have been taken from blood of person with any number of conditions.

    1. Yes, it “could” have been taken from someone with some weird blood disorder — OR it could be that this was the finding. Would you not agree that the coagulated cells would be consistent with all the clotting, strokes, heart attacks being reported post vax?

      Here’s a new video and the blood with and without vax looks the same as the images from last year. If all was fine with vaxed I would be skeptical too . . . but it isn’t fine and these images and videos help explain what we’re witnessing. Do not take these poisonous mark of the beast injections under any circumstance.


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