Parosmia (Distorted sense of smell) post Covid vaccine

Warning: This is a disgusting but important topic. Avoid if your are squeamish.

While reviewing Reddit posts of vaccine side effects, I noticed a few instances of people describing how they were emitting a foul, garbagy odor after receiving the injections. This is very concerning because that is often a sign of serious disease, such as circulatory issues or tissue decomposing. Necrosis or gangrene can cause such an odor.

Has anyone else had a bad smell, not just the rancid smell that people speak of (or even that) after their vaccine? I was fully vaccinated as of two weeks ago and I noticed sometime after the first dose, but much more after the second that there is this horrible smell that I cannot stop smelling. It gets much worse at night. I had Covid near Christmas and actually had a heightened sense of smell rather than a loss of smell or taste.

Smell problems, keep smelling a rancid smell and also overly aware of my own smell, even after showering I feel like I need to shower again, even though no one else can smell anything.

Clearly, this is happening to people post-vaccine. However, the media began publishing news reports of a condition called Parosmia in the early part of this year. They assert that this is a side effect of Covid disease, and that people who lose their sense of smell regain it months later . . . only it’s distorted, so everything smells like rotten meat or garbage. And everyone is experiencing similar aversions to foods due to this, some losing weight as they are finding it difficult to eat.

The media doesn’t report any instances (that I can find) of people describing the garbage odor post vaccine, only post Covid disease. This is contrary to what is being reported by many people online, such as the above quotes. There are even support groups cropping up. As well, there was no mention of this “side effect” prior to the release of vaccines.

I believe the media is releasing the Parosmia articles to cement the idea that this must be a Covid disease side effect because nothing can interfere with the vaccine agenda. And now when people smell these odors when they’re around the vaccinated, they won’t make the connection that it’s coming from them. They’ll believe they have or recently had Covid disease and this is a symptom! This is deception.

Here are a few of their headlines:

I am very concerned that there is something serious happening within the bodies of the vaccinated. No one is investigating a possible link between the odors and vaccines. But why would we expect anything different from health officials and media sources who have been deceptive since the start? I am publishing this article to raise awareness so that people can use caution when deciding whether to take the injections (please don’t).

Update: Here are more accounts of post-vaccine issues. Source: Reddit

  • I had Covid in November and have just gotten my second Pfizer vaccine. After my first vaccine I noticed certain specific tastes and smells have changed. The most noticeable was red bell peppers all tasting rancid. After my second vaccine the smell alone of peppers is so over powering it almost is gag worthy. Has any one else experienced this?
  • This is happening to me right now! I got COVID in November and lost my smell and most of my taste for 3 months. Ten days after my first moderna dose I had a strong reaction: fever, aches, fatigue, nausea. It lasted a little over 2 days. It’s been four days since that reaction started and the rancid, chemical-like smell/taste has been constantly increasing ever since. At this point I’m constantly smelling and tasting it. Everything tastes and smells bad.
  • I had covid at the begining of December, was mild case, lost taste and smell until about first week of January, Im a health care worker as well so I got my first dose of Moderna January 15 felt alot of side effects, but all went away at about 24hrs after the vaccine. A few days go by and started to lose my taste again, almost everything taste like metal, and rotten. My mouth is very dry and feel like is burning. Also my smell is not 100% like i would say 40% at the most.
  • I saw a comment on here a few weeks ago where someone said they could “smell” people who had been vaccinated. I wrote it off as bullshit or confirmation bias, but had a friend come over yesterday who had got their 2nd jab 2 days prior and instantly experienced what the comment said verbatim. It was an overwhelming, indescribable smell, but had extremely strong metallic hints and the smell of someone who has a really bad cold. It sounds generic, but it was STRONG and enough for me to politely leave the room. Anyone else remember that comment or experience anything like that?
  • Okay this is so bizarre and I’ll tell you why. My best friend usually comes over to visit about twice a week. We have talked extensively about vaccines and he promised not to get any because I sent him lots of information why he should not. The last few times he has come over, I go to hug him and notice this very off smell. Best I can describe is, like when someone has maybe a sinus infection and stank funk breath and the skin smells like when you sweated out a fever. He’s normally very clean and showers, smells good. So it took me by surprise each time. I had asked him if he was congested and he said “No, do I sound like it?”

But since I was pretty sure he didn’t get any shot, I decided to text him just now. I said “Please be up front and honest. You got the shot, didn’t you? I’m not going to be mad. I just want to know because I’m worried about shedding.”

After a few minutes he texted back “Promise not to be mad at me? Yes, both. Sorry 😦 I was worried about infecting (Name of ill family member)”

So now..there just might be something to it.

  • Yeah I’ve been telling that to people since the beginning of the vax roll out. And people freak out on me about it. Smell is my best sense, even better than my eyesight. I can smell a vaxxed person from across the room and it is an odd smell, almost metallic like you described but closer to a cough that has been wet for a few days, so almost like mildew but not quite.
  • My taste and smell went largely back to normal after I got over covid but after my 2nd vaccine My smell is still there, but everything smells horrible and tasted horrible. Especially meat and vegetables. Processed foods are more tolerable. It’s almost like a metal ish smell and taste. But is horrible like the worst flu gunk in the back of my throat. I can’t even smell my own B.O cuz instead of B.O all I smell is that metallic chemical flu gunk. Even nice smelling lotions can’t cut through it. It’s been 2 weeks since I got the vaccine with no change. It’s actually only worsened.

Author: Lynne

I research and write about questionable cases, unfair trials, police misconduct, wrongful convictions and exonerations.

18 thoughts on “Parosmia (Distorted sense of smell) post Covid vaccine”

  1. Thank you for posting this article. I’ve been experiencing parosmia after the first dose and after the second dose, it’s gotten worse. I can’t eat things I like anymore. It smells gross to me or the taste isn’t the same. I’ve been trying to tell people in my life about it, but they just ignore me and brush it off. Thinking it’s nothing. Most of my family are fully vaccinated and none of then have experienced this “side effect”. I think there’s clearly something going on that They are not telling us. It’s concerning.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for this article! I got the J&J shot. So did my husband. After about a week I felt like my skin smelled! At this time he did not smell it. Then after a couple weeks he felt like his skin smelled too. It now has been about 7 weeks since we got the shot. We now have a strong smell in our home. We thought it was the dog, then pollen, detergent we were using, etc. Finally, we thought something had died in the house somewhere! We searched the attic and we were convinced it was in the crawl space. We went down there and looked everywhere. Could not find it. We came upstairs and the smell was so bad we had to sleep with the doors and windows open. Today I called a company that came out to the house to find this critter that has to be here! Two guys came in to the house, went all over and could not smell ANYTHING! This is the first article I have read on this. I cannot even describe what kind of smell this is. All I can say is it does not smell good!

      1. I have not been vaccinated but I keep smelling others. It’s like an awful cologne or cleaning agents or a mold/mildew smell. I smell it in elevators after someone vaccinated has been in it… I don’t know whether I want to wear a mask to learn the smell or take it off so I’m not inhaling it more. I thought it was my imagination, so I’m glad to be reading this. Even minths after someone’s been vaccinated, they/it smells. That shedding must be for real

  2. I had COVID in January and recovered. Lost smell by not my taste. It was weird but coming back. For a long time all meat smelled the same but I could still taste and the smell was returning to normal. Against my better judgement I got the JJ vaccine so that could travel to work in some other states. That was end of April. I currently have almost complete loss of smell and taste. I can taste sweet things, I can smell alcohol to a degree and I did have all protein items (meat, nuts etc) that had an odor but that is basically gone as well. The funky smell was never bad enough to make me stop eating, but right now everything tastes the same. I fully beleive that this was triggered by the vaccine because I had already had covid. I do not beleive that COVID is what takes your smell and taste out but your bodies response to it. I had a strong reaction to the vaccine that lasted 3 days. I believe it was like that because I previously had COVID and had the antibodies. What I hope is that I do not have an autoimmune disorder now where my body is destroying the cells that handle smell and taste in response to this vaccine. My wife who got hte same vax and never had covid has no issues. My high school aged son who had Covid has returned to normal. he did not get the vaccine.

  3. I’m having the same smell and taste effects as many have previously described. I had my second Pfizer shot June 6th. Many foods smell bad to me including coffee (which smells like fish to me) but the taste is normal. It seems to be getting worse with each day . Sometimes for no reason I’ll get a whiff of a gasoline smell. I’m concerned that others may be picking up a foul smell coming from me.

    1. Hi. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this. I’ve been somewhat tracking this and doctors have no solution. My advice would be to find a naturopath. In the meantime, I would try to detox your body by drinking warm lemon water twice a day. Just squeeze a lemon into water first thing in the morning and then maybe again at midday. I would also get a good juicer and make wheat grass juice. You can find it at Whole Foods but it’s easy to grow your own and much cheaper. Make juices with wheat grass, apples, lemon, spinach, kale or whatever else you like and see if that helps. You could also try garlic supplements. These are just things I personally would try, no guarantees. Be well.

      1. Exactly. I thought it was my imagination. It’s getting worse too. Sometimes I stuck in the same room or elevator. How poisoned are we getting? WE need more than 6′ distance

  4. Hi, I had lesser version and skipped my second dose. I’ve been telling my best friend and those around me my sense of taste has dropped significantly, like my brain doesn’t register the food I just had. Food used to spark exciting link to my brain, now it’s like I hadn’t had anything when I consume sth. The mainstream narrative has mounded the vaccine discourse into dismissing the side effect we’re experiencing as minor or negligible. But for me my sense of joy is disrupted when my sense of taste is being blocked like now. Calling the people out there. Don’t get vaccinated. We can still get freedom back if we stand up to this tyranny.

  5. I had covid waited quite a while after (over the suggested period) to get the Pfizer shots. I didn’t notice any changes from the first shot but after the second shot after about a week I kept smelling this weird smell. There are specific foods that the smell and taste that has changed for me. For instance, I love greek yogurt and feed it to my dogs and when I open that container the smell is so bad to me I can barely take it. I can not explain the smell other than pungent. I also have a heightened smell of myself. I am adding my 2 cents because I appreciate that you have posted this and others have commented about their side affects. Hope we all get over it eventually.

    1. Thank you for sharing that Debra. I hope you get relief soon, it sounds so awful. I really empathize with everyone suffering with this. I’m starting to wonder if the smell could be from the hydrogel interacting with body tissues. I may try to research that, though not sure I’ll be led to a fix for it. Be well and I will pray that you and others recover fully.

    2. We say the scent is a Fabuloso. It’s like that florally commercial cleaner used in bathrooms but combine that with a dirty bathroom. The smell is nauseating to those who are unvaxxed. We can’t eat. I’m dropping weight quickly. We need to stop this madness now.

  6. Thank you for this blog. I thought I was losing my mind. I have not had the COVID virus. I got my first Moderna vaccine on May 16th, side effects were crazy! For 48 hours I felt like I was in a fog, like I was just coming out of a major surgery, I even missed my road turn going home from work, I got some chest pains that lasted about 2 weeks and had some minor asthma issues. The third day I felt fine and thereafter. I got my second vaccine on June 13th. Only side effect I had was that I literally slept for 20 hours. Felt fine by the third day. Here it is July 2nd and for the entire week I have had a very foul odor in my nose. I do not have a sinus infection, I get my teeth checked every six months, I feel fine. I just have a horrible odor in my nose. So bad that I thought there was sewer leak in my house. This has been very helpful to know that I am not the only one out there. Hopefully it won’t last too long. Thank you!

  7. My family all had covid in January. My two teenage children and I all were mild cases but lost taste and small which slowly recovered to about 75 percent by April. My wife never lost taste and small when she had covid. In april my wife, daughter and I got vaccinated. My wife and I with Maderna and daughter with Pfizer. All three of us have steady lost our taste and smell since the vaccinations four months ago. Many food and other odors are increasingly smelling worse or badly distorted for all three of us. Many things we eat are tasting more metallic by the day. This is a terrible side effect and getting worse and I am beyond upset that you can find nothing in the media or little anywhere about this condition or if or when it will end or can be treated. My son has not been vaccinated and while he lost taste and smell when he had covid, it recovered. He has had no further problems.

    1. I am sorry you’re struggling with this. I would try anything. It may be worthwhile to try Ivermectin and if that doesn’t help, do some cleanses. I personally would try juicing wheat grass (high chlorophyll) with any combo of lemon, lime, apples, carrots, spinach, kale, celery, pineapple. I would also drink warm lemon water first thing every morning to cleanse the liver. I don’t know if it would help, but it’s what I would try. You can buy wheat grass at Whole Foods or I grow my own with seeds. It grows really fast. Get a good juicer, maybe Omega. I really hope things improve for you all.

  8. The taste/smell thing is driving me nuts! First Pfizer shot was 1st week of June. 2 weeks later, the bad smell started. Then Right after the 2nd shot 6/30. that symptom was stronger as well as the new metal taste in my mouth. I believe I already have Burning Moutb Syndrome and that has been exacerbated also. They have to find out what is going on with this. I love food and barely enjoy it right now 😦

  9. I stink! At first I didn’t associate it with the vaccine. It was only after much thought, after many attempts at solving the problem, that I put together a timeline & saw the correlation. I got the first Moderna shot March 23rd in my left arm. A few days later I began to notice a smell I associate with the spice Cumin, which I can’t stand. I tried to figure out if I’d eaten something, use a lotion, soap, or changed something. I couldn’t come up with anything, the smell gradually got worse until 18 days later, it was a cloud that followed me & clung to my clothes, towels, etc. it was much worse under my left arm but also under my right. No amount of scrubbing with antibacterial soap, prescription strength antiseptic body wash, wiping with alcohol wipes, listerine on cotton balls, or changing deodorants put a dent in it. I ate more salads, drank more water, eliminated alcohol, dairy, gluten, all spices, and any strong tasting food. Nothing worked. The second shot was April 20th, also in the left arm. By the end of May the Cumin smell was gone, replaced by an odor I describe as “middle school sweat”. That has continued, even right out of the shower, my left underarm ALWAYS smells like bad BO. The right arm catches up later. Last week I found an underarm detoxifying underarm charcoal & clay mask. I’ve used it twice, a few days apart & it seems to help temporarily. It’s also very irritating to my skin & is painful for about 48hrs after using. I used it last night, my underarms didn’t smell after my shower this morning, but I got a whiff of the odor & asked my husband (the nose) to double check. He agreed the underarms were ok. I asked him to sniff my neck, not good, the left side smelled like BO just not as strong as the underarm had been. I now think my lymph nodes are emitting the smell causing my skin to stink. I’m at a loss as to what to do next. I do know I’ll NEVER get a booster.


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