Foreign Interference in 2020 Election: Digital Proof

A US cybersecurity team was prepared for the possibility of foreign election interference. They captured the steal. They collected thousands of pages with IP addresses, point of attack, location, and numbers of votes stolen from President Trump and others in state elections.It is just the tip of the iceberg. Here is a short video describing this irrefutable proof.

We must not let this stand or 80 million people will have been disenfranchised. Three election cases will be discussed at SCOTUS on 2/19/21. Please watch the full video here.

Author: Lynne

I research and write about questionable cases, unfair trials, police misconduct, wrongful convictions and exonerations.

3 thoughts on “Foreign Interference in 2020 Election: Digital Proof”

  1. When I hear how relieved people are when some guy is charged with a reviled crime — ‘Did they catch him? They did? Well, that’s a relief!’ — I mentally hear the phrase, ‘We’ll give ’im a fair trial, then we’ll hang ’im.’

    And if I’d point out he may be the wrong guy who’s being railroaded, I could receive the erroneous refrain, ‘Well if he’s truly innocent, he has nothing to worry about.’

    It’s why I strongly feel the news-media should refrain from publishing the identity of people charged with a crime—especially one of a repugnant nature, for which they are jailed pending trial (as is typically done)—until at least after they’ve been convicted?

    Considering the flaws—even corruption—in the law-enforcement and justice system, no one should have their name permanently tarnished and life potentially ruined because the news-media insists upon immediately running a breaking story.

    It all epitomizes an unjust presumption of guilt.

    1. Yes, the media does the job of the prosecutor by smearing them and character assassination long before the trial – poisoning the jury. Before viewing a trial, I had no idea this was happening. I actually believed trials were fair. Corruption is everywhere.

      1. The whole process can be morbidly corrupt. And the mainstream news-media covering it seem to shrug their shoulders while claiming, ‘I’m just doing my job — I just tell the story.’

        And the collective readership doesn’t seem to really care; after all, it does not involve thus negatively affect them or their loved-ones, plus such injustice somehow could never happen to them (when it really could).


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