Analysis of Evidence in the Teresa Halbach Investigation (Making a Murderer Documentary)

Brad Cooper Case

Making a Murderer exposes the systemic corruption that occurred throughout a thirty year span in the Steven Avery case in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Viewers get a rare look at what goes on behind the scenes of an investigation in which police and prosecutors disregard the rights of the accused to ensure a conviction. I am particularly interested in this case after watching the documentary because I’ve been documenting misconduct for the past five years in a separate case — the Nancy Cooper murder investigation. I have researched it in great depth and have written dozens of articles to expose the official misconduct that contributed to the wrongful conviction of Brad Cooper. You can read more about the case in my recently published book, Framed With Google Maps or in the many articles posted on this blog site. The Avery and Cooper cases are similar in that immediate tunnel vision and framing…

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Author: Lynne

I research and write about questionable cases, unfair trials, police misconduct, wrongful convictions and exonerations.


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