Justice For Jason Young

young3-400x300I’m happy to report that the appeal has been filed.  I read it last night and I believe his attorney presents a very strong case.  She is asking that the Court either vacate the conviction or reverse the conviction and order a new trial.

The first appeal can only be based on improper or unconstitutional judicial rulings.  I believe Blackman did an excellent job in identifying several issues that absolutely had an influence on the verdict.  I have believed all along that Jason didn’t receive a fair trial, but I now have a much better understanding of the legal issues involved in this horrible case.

JY appeal issues 1

JY appeal issues 2

It’s worthwhile to take some time to read through the entire brief.  It’s a complicated case but my understanding is that it was improper for the prosecutors to introduce new information at the second trial.  They brought up the wrongful death suit and the child…

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