Here is the link to the radio program if you would like to learn more about this case.  The first trial last summer resulted in a hung jury and mistrial. In a second trial, Jason Young was convicted of first degree murder for the murder of his wife, Michelle.  He was convicted even though there was no physical evidence linking him to the crime.  He was convicted based on a scenario put together by the State…convicted because he “could have” done it.  There is not one piece of evidence to confirm the State’s scenario.  In fact, there was physical evidence found at the scene of the crime – unidentified DNA, fingerprints, palm prints and a hair in Michelle Young’s hand, all pointing away from Jason.  There was also a credible witness who saw a car leaving the Young residence at 5:20AM.  Due to the timing, it couldn’t possibly have been Jason Young.

The Other Side of Justice: The Jason Young Case – Murder from 170 miles away