Brad Cooper Case

Before watching the Cooper trial, I never paid much attention to trials.  I always assumed that strong evidence must exist in these cases, otherwise we would see a lot more acquittals.  I casually read the local news, never taking a close look at the specifics of the cases and without having the ability to view the actual trial, how would one learn more about the details of a case?  We’re typically limited in our understanding of a case based on what the media chooses to print about the case.

Watching the Cooper and Young trials (courtesy of WRAL) really opened my eyes.  I see a need for unbiased reporting that is not being delivered in these cases.  Typically the only time reporters cover the other side of the story, that doesn’t originate from law enforcement is through editorials and opinion articles and most of the time we don’t have an…

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Author: Lynne

I research and write about questionable cases, unfair trials, police misconduct, wrongful convictions and exonerations.


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