Although many questions remain about what happened that night, I want to break down the facts about the  condition in which Cassidy Young was found, including her visibly clean pajamas.  Someone obviously took the time to clean her, but it seems very unlikely that Jason would have had time to do that.  And even if he had the time, for her to remain clean for 14 hours is very unlikely, in my opinion.

  • Shelly Schaad was at the Young’s house visiting Michelle the evening of Nov. 2nd.  She remembers that Cassidy was wearing pink fleece pajamas (top and pants) and an undershirt.  When police showed her the pajamas she was found in, she confirmed that Cassidy was wearing them that night.
  • When Meredith found her she was described as “shockingly clean”.
  • We know she was near her mother’s body because small bloody footprints were found on her bathroom floor and blood smears were found all over the walls in that same bathroom.  She must have gotten very bloody and her clothing should have appeared to be bloody.
  • We know that the pajamas appeared to be clean.  No blood was seen on them, or on her.  Deputy Earp with Wake county sheriff’s office made a note of it when he saw her because it surprised him.  When he asked Meredith if she cleaned Cassidy, he was surprised that she answered “no”. Video link
  • The EMS worker checked on Cassidy, held her in his lap and didn’t see any blood on her.  She was not dehydrated either, even after supposedly going 15 hours without an adult present.
  • Many people believe that Jason Young cleaned her up and changed her clothing, but that did not happen because she was found in the same pajamas.
  • Why would he have taken the time to wash/dry the pajamas?  Why not just change her clothing if he found her in the blood?  And why wouldn’t he have put a diaper on her?
  • If he somehow managed to wash the pajamas quickly and redress her (w/o diaper), how did the child manage to stay clean and dry for 14-15 hours?
  • We know her pajamas were in contact with blood because the SBI Crime Lab detected the presence of blood in the seat of the pajama pants and on the legs and also on the shirt.  These chemicals detect blood even if the clothing has been laundered.  The stain from the blood seeped all the way through to the other side and clearly would have been very easy to see with the naked eye, had they not been washed.  Blood can be detected on clothing, even after it’s been washed.
  • Investigators had a theory that Cassidy may have been removed from the home and cleaned up.  Knowing that Jason wouldn’t have had enough time to do this, they checked to see if he possibly caught a flight to/from Virginia.  They also tested Michelle Young’s car for the presence of blood. The theory was based on the following:
    • It appears she was carried to the bathroom (no tiny, bloody footprints found on carpet between bedroom and bathroom)
    • No sign of clean-up in the bathroom, no blood on sink
    • No blood found in drains
    • Socks were removed and she was possibly carried to a vehicle and taken somewhere, cleaned and returned.
    • She was found without a diaper or underwear
    • no dirty diaper was found at the scene, even though we know she was wearing one at bedtime.
  • If we’re to believe Jason planned this brutal attack, why did he leave his child available to roam freely?  Why wouldn’t he have locked her in her bedroom?  Why take the chance that she could possibly witness the act?  It doesn’t make sense that he would take that risk.  And remember, she was not afraid of him when she saw him later that evening.
  • If we go by the State’s theory and Jason left the Hampton Inn at midnight and arrived at his home at approximately 2:45AM, did the murder, somehow removed all blood from himself (how, since no blood was found in the sink or shower drains?) and then washed/dried Cassidy’s pajamas, he wouldn’t have had enough time to get back to Virginia.

I remain unconvinced of his guilt because of things like this. This is too big to ignore and I need to understand how he could have accomplished the clean-up, especially the child and her pajamas. This information is not consistent with the timeline. The trial didn’t provide the answers. Clearly the jurors in the first trial were also unconvinced because there is no explanation for this and other things.  There are too many unanswered questions and items like this that point to someone other than Jason.