In May 2011 I was able to view a local murder trial online, the Brad Cooper trial.  I was shocked to have witnessed blatant police, prosecutorial and judicial misconduct.  Police changing their notes, lying, convincing witnesses to change their stories, mishandling and destruction of evidence and just an overall botched investigation.  The prosecutors promoted the fabricated evidence and the judge made biased rulings throughout the 10 week trial.  Brad Cooper was convicted on nothing more than baseless circumstantial evidence; none of which held up.  It was shocking and I had to do something so I started a blog about the case:

Since that time I have come across several other wrongful conviction cases where the person was convicted even though the State clearly did not meet the burden of proof.  This is very disturbing that juries are convicting people when much reasonable doubt remains and in some cases, clear evidence proving innocence is ignored.  It is wonderful to see some of the recent convictions overturned based on DNA evidence, but it’s terrible that in many cases it’s taken decades to occur.   This blog will highlight some of the cases that are currently stuck in the system.  It has become quite clear to me that anyone can be falsely accused and then convicted of a crime.  Evidence is not required to convict a person.  This must stop.